Stone Blasting Machine

Stone Blasting Machine

A Stone Blasting machine is used in the etching of the stone The interaction utilized in etching in rock eliminates the cleaned layer of the stone to uncover the unpolished rock underneath the cleaned surface. At the point when sand impacts, the lettering and plans are first and foremost impacted to a similar profundity by a machine utilized. To sand impact a landmark, it should be planned by a visual architect initially.

The craftsman will utilize vector programming, for example, We have to make a document containing the lettering and plans that will be sandblasted onto the tombstone. Just straightforward lettering and plans regularly alluded to as Line Art can be sandblasted, as it is absurd to expect to make little subtleties utilizing this technique. Photographs can’t be sandblasted.

To accomplish the plan and lettering required, they are first cut into an elastic foil. This cycle should be possible manually or by machine (vector cutting). The plan and lettering must then be picked from the rear of the stencil so that sand can be cut in the sandblaster. The granite is set on the workbench and stencil filler is applied to the front surface.

The mat is then positioned on the facade of the tombstone and is held set up by the stencil filler. Then, at that point, the rock stone must be engraved through a granite engraving machine then positioned into the sand impacting bureau, which will then, at that point, fire the sand against all surfaces of the stone which are uncovered and not covered by the elastic foil.

When every one of the plans and lettering is at a similar profundity, the landmark is taken out from the bureau. Presently, expert shapes utilize abrasive media to give a smoother look to the lettering and to add extra detail which the machine isn’t able to do. Then, at that point, the stencil is eliminated and the stone is cleaned to get the ideal completed tombstone. Assuming a significantly more elevated level of differentiation is wanted, shading can be added to the most unfathomable spaces of the plans and lettering.

We can sand shoot any shade of stone. Since, when sand impacts Cabinet white pearl stone that is the amazingly light shade of a rock, it is important to add tone to it to make the plan and lettering apparent. This is on the grounds that the cleaned and unpolished surfaces of such light shading rock are really comparative; that is the reason extra differentiation tone is required.

stone blasting machine

Sand Blasting Cabinet

This strategy for etching on rock impacting on the stone is done in a shut chamber known as a cabinet. Sand Blasting Cabinet is valuable as there is no openly moving residue that can hurt the administrator in any breathing infection. Indeed, even we can utilize the rough media (sand) by gathering it from the floor of the cupboard, hence it ends up being cost-effective.

Compact Sand Blasting Machine

A compact sand blasting machine is utilized where impacting is done on various destinations. Because of its versatile nature, it is advantageous to move to start with one spot then onto the next. In this, the administrator needs to go to all the security lengths while sand impacting on the rock stone to etch on it.

Stone Blasting Machine Specification

The diameter of the Swing Table780 mm
Total Power required (HP)12.5
Shot Flow Rate (Ton/Wheel/Hour)5
Loading Height (mm)1050
Dust Collector Capacity (CFM)2000

Features of Stone Blasting Machine

  • For a brilliant surface, it can remove corroded surfaces, rust, and other materials from the stone.
  • Improve technique features, increase rot resistance, improve product quality, and reduce pollution in the surrounding environment.
  • This is a continuous pass-through machine that blasts plate and huge other structural steel gears that are inserted in its roller conveyor.
  • Durability
  • Optimal efficiency

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