Pleated Filter Bag Dust Collector

Pleated Filter Bag Dust Collector

The dust-loaded air is carried into the Pleated Filter Bag Dust Collector through a bay and passes through pleated bag components due to the attractions created by the fumes fan. When the rough safe bay exits high particulate and provides a uniform wind stream, it extends the filter life. Clean air enters the pleated bag through the middle entry, where it is carried on to the fumes stack by a blower, then delivered into the climate via an outlet channel, with dust remaining on the pleated bag’s external surface.

As a result, air cleansing is used to clean a pleated bag on a regular basis. A grouping circuit is activated by solenoid valves for high-pressure air cleansing of a pre-selected pleated bag. 

Dust particles from pleated bags fall into the sand blasting hopper, where they are further sorted into the garbage.

Pleated bags have underlying cores, thus they can take the place of both the filter bag and the pen that supports it. Some pleated bag designs even incorporate bent apertures at the top, similar to the venturi used in some baghouse filters, to build cleaning energy.

Pleated bags resemble cartridge filters in appearance, although they function more like cartridge filters than bag filters. Pleated bag (polyester spunbond) media has higher initial productivity and is often more durable than typical filter bag polyester felt. Furthermore, a standard pleated bag can hold significantly more media than the corresponding length of the felt bag it replaces, allowing felt bags to be replaced with much smaller pleated bags on a regular basis.

Specifications of Pleated Filter Bag Dust Collector

Air Capacity (Cubic Feet per Minute)1000-2000 CFM, 2000-4000 CFM, 4000-6000 CFM, 8000-10000 CFM, 10000-15000 CFM
Automatic GradeAutomatic, Semi-Automatic
Bag Capacity12 – 80 Bag
Bag TypeCotton Bag or Non-Woven Polyester
Filtration efficiencyless than 40 microns
Input Voltage (volt)440
MaterialMild Steel, Stainless Steel
Micron filtration35
Warranty (months)12

What is a Pleated Bag ?

A pleated bag filter is typically a long, slender filter assembly that resembles a cartridge filter rather than a bag filter. The pleated bag filter media possibilities include spunbond polyester, PTFE membranes, fine fiber layers, and a variety of additional media depending on the application needs, such as stiffened aramid media for higher temperature applications.

Pleated bags have built-in cores, thus they can be used to replace both the filter bag and the cage that supports it. Some pleated bag designs even incorporate curved apertures at the top, similar to the venturi used in some baghouse filters, to boost cleaning energy.

Advantages of Pleated Filters

The pleats enhance the surface area of the filter, allowing for lower air-to-cloth ratios in the same space. Dust retention is improved by layers of deep pockets composed of woven fabric. Pleated Filter Bags also stay above the entrance gas stream, decreasing abrasion from incoming dust particles, thanks to their lower overall bag length. Pleated bags are meant to take the place of cloth bag filters and cages in dust collectors.

Pleated bags fit into a variety of cell plate sizes for top and bottom load dust collectors. Some of the advantages of transitioning to pleated media include:

  • Lower Maintenance Costs
  • Efficiencies up to 99.97%
  • Higher Air Flow Per Filter Unit
  • Less Frequent Change-Outs
  • Better Resistance to Inlet Abrasion
  • Up to a 5-Fold Increase in Surface Filtration
  • Washable Exterior
  • Minimizes Compressed Air Usage
pleated filter bag dust collector

Applications of Pleated Filter Dust Collector

  • Woodworking Dust
  • Sand blasting
  • Shot blasting machine
  • Grit blasting
  • Ceramics
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Chemicals
  • Activated Carbon
  • Food Processing
  • Rubber

Features of Pleated Filter Dust Collector are as follows

  • There is high collection efficiency
  • It has an optimal air-to-cloth ratio
  • Low maintenance cost as it is easy to handle machine
  • The online cleaning cycle is thereafter a fixed interval of time
  • Antistatic filters option is available

Pleated Filter Dust Collector Manufacturer in India

We are the leading and best Pleated Filter Dust Collector Manufacturer in India. Pleated bags can be utilized for current dust collectors in place of traditional dust collection bags without modification, however, dust collectors were initially built to build dust collecting cartridges in equipment. This polyester medium is manufactured without the use of any required agents from high-firmness filament yarn. As a result, this material is both structurally and thermally resilient against hot gas attachment. The surface filtration and bar release capabilities of the paper filter media are outstanding.

The treatment of filter media is determined by the application’s needs. With modest changes to the current apparatus design, dust collector manufacturers / original equipment materials can replace standard tube bags with pleated dust collection elements. Standard filter bags are less expensive than pleated filters, which is one of the most essential advantages of employing them in your dust collection system. We are also the supplier and exporter of Pleated Dust Collection Elements & Blasting Equipment such as Sand Blasting Machine, Grit Blasting Machine, etc in the United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Jaipur, Cebu, Qatar, and other countries. For further information, please contact us or submit a request.