Vacuum Blasting Machine

Vacuum Blasting Machine

The vacuum blasting machine, also known as a dustless blasting machine, provides a dust-free, environmentally friendly blasting solution that is simple to operate, diverse in nature, and powerful. Our firm provides the highest quality Vacuum Shot Blasting at the most competitive pricing in India. vacuum blasting machine price is also determined by the Vacuum blasting machine’s working mechanism. Portable Shot Blasting Machine is a medium-capacity shot blasting machine or automatic machine with a medium-sized blasting pot (500kg).

Specification of Vacuum Blasting Machine

Blasting capacityApprox. 3 to 5 Sq. Mtr/Hr.
Overall dimensions800 mm X 2000mm X 2200mm
Recovery systemVacuum pump 10 H.P.
Blast nozzle dia.6 mm
Type of nozzle      Tungsten carbide Nozzle
No. of the nozzle      01No.
The capacity of grit/shots handling 25 to 80 Mesh
Blast pattern        35 mm [Approx.]
Blast cycle                                                                                       12 Minute  [Approx.]
Blast hose and recovery hose      8 Mtr. [Each]
Compressed air requirement90 CFM/min, at 6.33Ssq. Mtr/Hr 

Vacuum Blasting Machine Working

Shot Blasting Machine provides dust-free abrasive vacuum blasting equipment with high vacuum power and effective abrasive and debris separation. STI vacuum blasting machines are useful for a variety of applications, including surface preparation prior to coating, and may be operated by just one person. The blasters use pressure vessels in conjunction with compressed air filters and pressure regulators to ensure that blasting operations are completed quickly and in a dust-free environment. Abrasive media is recovered automatically and promptly for reuse. There will be no flying dust or abrasive to contaminate the environment.

Working with a blasting pressure as low as 1 bar and as high as 7 bar with the same equipment is possible thanks to a specific valve on the pressure vessel. Vacuum blasting can be utilized on delicate blasting operations when low-pressure blasting is required. Along with a conventional lightweight blast head, blast, and vacuum pipe assembly, as well as a set of brushes to handle flat surfaces, a vacuum blasting machine appears. Brushes are made with particularly unique fibers that offer maximum performance and economy.

Steel abrasive allows for cost-effective, efficient, and high-quality blasting as well as precise surface preparation management. Blasting can be done on a range of surfaces, including flat surfaces, inside and outside corners, small and large diameter pipes, and so on, using simply interchangeable blast head fittings. For specific applications, such as blasting broad horizontal surfaces or the edges of steel plates, additional accessories are available. Other production operations can be carried out near to the blasting operation because the method is safe and dust-free.

vacuum blasting machine

Components of Vacuum Blasting Machine

  • Weightless blast head
  • Blasting hose
  • Vacuum hose
  • Recovery hose
  • Set of brushes
  • Pressure vessel
  • Blast gun assembly
  • Vacuum pump
  • Castor wheel
  • Filter cartridge element dust collector

Benefits of Vacuum Blasting Machine

  • Because of the completely automated blasting and vacuum start/stop sequence supplier, the operation is 99 percent dust-free.
  • After blasting, the item surface should be devoid of abrasive material and clean.
  • There is an option for automatic filter cleaning and dust discharge, so there is no downtime.
  • Dust accumulated in plastic bags may be easily disposed of.
  • Because it is portable, the unit can easily be moved and/or transported.

A vacuum blasting equipment is a powerful, user-friendly, and adaptable machine. It can be used for a variety of applications and is operated manually. They don’t produce abrasive or flying dust, which can pollute the workplace. Vacuum blasting machines are useful for sensitive blasting operations that require low-pressure blasting.

Vacuum Blasting Machine price

Vacuum blasting machine price is also depended on the Vacuum blasting machine’s working mechanism. We provide well-designed and constructed Vacuum blaster equipment, dustless blasting machine that may be utilized for a variety of applications based on the needs of the customer.  We are a manufacturer of sand blasting machine, shot blasting machine, grit blasting machine in India.