Wet Blasting Cabinet

Wet Blasting Cabinet

Wet Blasting Cabinet

In the Wet Blasting Cabinet, there is a similar working as in the suction blasting cabinet. Yet, in this cabinet water and compressed air both are utilized for the wet blasting cycle. It is less expensive than both strain blasting cabinet and Suction Blasting Cabinet as it utilizes water and abrasive as a blasting media.

In this, the strain of compressed air is 35 CFM and 6-7 kgf/cm2. It is utilized for vehicle parts, greasy parts that are dissolvable in water. Dry Blasting isn’t utilized as a direct result of oil and oil in auto parts. As abrasive media is stalling out on these smooth particles. That makes it harder to dry blasting on these greasy workpieces. One of the principle benefits of a wet blasting machine is that it gives a gleaming completion to the workpiece as compared to different models of abrasive blasting.

The Wet Blasting Cabinet works with air, water, and abrasive media material. While two other (i.e. portable and suction) blasting machine is works only on air and abrasive media but this sand blasting media works with water also. So, this is called the wet blasting cabinet.

In wet sand blasting, an abrasive medium or material is mixed with the water jet to create an abrasive spray. This abrasive spray is blasted on the surface, which breaks away or to one side small pieces of undesirable coating corrosion or other undesirable substances or medium to create the desired metal finish, perfect for re- coating.

Specification of Wet Blasting Cabinet

cabinet Dimension900*1200*900 mm
Blasting NozzleTungsten Carbide nozzle (8mm)
Dust Collector TypeReclaimer, Fabric Bag dust collector
Fan Motor3Ø, 1.5HP, 800CFM
Hopper Capacity40 Ltrs.
MaterialMild Steel abrasive media
Voltage220-440 V
Frequency50-60 Hz
Compressive Strength35000 psi

Working of Wet Blasting Cabinet

It works same as the suction sand blasting machine. The slurry is that enters the pump through one end of the rotating impeller which impacts a circular motion. The pumps increase the pressure of a liquid and solid particle which can convert the electric energy into kinetic energy with the help of centrifugal force to the slurry pump.

Wet Sand Blasting works by high pressure water spray pump has got wide acceptance or obtaining in the field of surface or finish preparation as well as in paint removal & rust removal. In wet blasting machine, an abrasive media or material is mixed with the water spray to manufacture an abrasive spray. This abrasive spray is blasted on the surface or plane, which breaks away or out small pieces of undesirable coating corrosion or other undesirable substances to create the desired metal finish, perfect for re coating. Wet sand blasting is widely used in engineering, heavy engineering, or industrial area, fabrication, construction.

Power washers with a wet sand blasting equipment are the best choice for industrial users who require high pressure washer water sandblasting capabilities. For even greater versatility, these power pressure washers can be used with a variety of sand grit sizes and material types like roasted soda or plastic pellets. The higher the grit that is used with the machine the more abrasive the sand blasting action will be taken.

Wet Blasting Cabinet

Advantages of Wet Blasting Cabinet

  • Because of the water ingredient, it will not create any atmospheric pollution problem caused by flapping the extra or large power.
  • It can remove the burrs (surface projections) & scales formed on surface and clean the surface without damaging the work piece.
  • The surface finishing can access a corresponding matte finish (spot pattern). It can contribute or give significantly to the finishing demand for surface roughness.
  • It only applies small shot blasting effect to the surface to be finished and improve and the abrasive media of work piece.
  • It doesn’t require any chemical reaction during operation.

Limitation of Wet Blasting Cabinet

  • Anti-rust inhibitor is to be used after cleaning or washing of ferrous material.
  • Though water consumption is not too high horizontally, it is to be taken by account to dispose and recycled it.
  • The surface roughness is more than dry sand blasting.

Application of Wet Blasting Machine

  • Cleans the Components of Automobile.
  • Removes Corrosion, rust, and old paint.
  • Cleans the Piston, Cylinder.

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