Aluminum Wire

Aluminum Wire

Aluminum wire is a type of electrical wire that is used in homes, power grids, and airplanes. When compared to copper wire, the aluminum wire has superior electrical and mechanical qualities as well as a lower price. Because aluminum is a weaker conductor of electricity than copper, it is rarely employed in tiny applications like residential wiring.

Because aluminum, like copper, is conductive, it’s become a popular material for electrical wiring. Aluminum wiring, on the other hand, is not as robust as copper wiring and has a higher thermal expansion coefficient. Having said that, there are still benefits to employing aluminum wiring.

Copper wiring is usually always more expensive than aluminum wiring. Aluminum wiring is frequently less than half the price of copper wiring. Using aluminum wiring instead of copper wiring is the best option.

Specifications of Metalizing Aluminum Wire

MOQ25 Metric Ton
Surface FinishingPolished
Wire Diameter7-9mm, 10-13mm
Packaging TypeWooden Box, Carton Box
SpecialityPerfect Finish, High Performance
Gauge Size40mm
Wire Gauge5-10mm, 10-15mm, 15-20mm, 20-25mm

Aluminum Wire in India

It’s utilized as a feedstock in a thermal spray gun because aluminum wire coating is recommended for cathode corrosion prevention in atmospheric and freshwater immersion, and it’s used in places like oil refineries, chemical processing plants, and boat bottom interiors.

The sorts of exposure to bilge water are similar to other types of exposure. The thermal sprayed aluminum coating can be placed almost thickly to replace plating or paints, or it can be used as a primer for organic coatings and paints. When properly placed, these coatings can last for 15 to 50 years without needing to be reapplied.

The standard final package for wire in the metalizing gun industry comprises the wire being properly spooled onto a plastic spool that will subsequently be put into the vacuum chamber.

metalizing aluminum wire

When the temperature of the circuit rises, the wire expands and flows into vacant spaces within electrical connectors since aluminum is a relatively soft and weak metal compared to copper. When an electric current runs across this circuit, pressure is created, which causes the aluminum wire connector to heat up. When the electricity is turned off, the aluminum cools and contracts. The aluminum wire and the connector are separated by microscopic gaps as a result of this. This void increases the chance of corrosion, which raises the resistance even further. As electricity flows through the same connector, it encounters increased resistance and generates more heat, potentially igniting the connector material.

However, techniques for preventing corrosion on aluminum wire connectors have been devised, in which corrosion inhibitors adhere to the connectors securely and act as antioxidants.

Uses and Applications of Aluminum Wire

  • Aluminum wiring is popular within the construction industry. 
  • Aluminum wiring, when properly installed, is simply as safe as copper. Aluminum wiring provides many advantages – it’s low cost, lightweight, and is straightforward to use.
  • Stadiums are one example where aluminum wiring is employed
  • Aluminum is straightforward to figure with and may be installed quickly and effectively in many locations. In industrial settings or anywhere that weight may be a concern, aluminum wiring will offer an enormous reduction in weight compared to copper wiring.
  • With the right application, aluminum wiring can provide reliable power while simultaneously offering cost reduction.

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