Online Zinc Spray Booth

Online Zinc Spray Booth

Online Zinc Spray Booth is enclosed or semi-enclosed areas that are used for spraying fabricated goods. Online Zinc Spray Booths have a source of clean air to keep the atmosphere dust-free, a waterfall backdrop to catch the overspray, and a drain-out system to remove the fumes from the evaporating solvents. Air enters the Online Zinc spray booth through the open front, flows through the working area, and exits through the filtered exhaust plenum. The overspray paint particles are collected in a duct. An online Zinc spray booth is used to provide a high-quality topcoat finish. Zinc Spray booths are energy efficient and use less power. Online Zinc spray booths are created based on the requirements and applications.

After the welding Work Station, the Online Zinc Spray Booth is installed. Inside the Online Zinc Spray Booth is where the Arc Spray Gun is located. To minimize spray wire losses, the distance between the spray gun and the tube/pipe is varied depending on the size of the tube/pipe and the spray pattern desired. Zinc wire is sprayed over the Hot Weld seam, resulting in a dense covering with a strong metallurgical bond.

Due to the suction created by the exhaust fan, fumes and fine Zinc dust generated in the online Zinc spray booth are drawn into the cyclone dust collection. The zinc particles are held at the bottom of the cyclone dust collector due to cyclonic action, and clean air is expelled from the blower outlet into the atmosphere, keeping the environment clean. The Arc Spray Gun System is made up of an arc spray gun with a two-wire feeding configuration and a built-in DC/AC power source, as well as a control console and wire spool, stands with a 15-kilogram capacity each.

The Wire Feeding Device is driven by an electric motor and operates on a pulley system. The wire feeding speed can be adjusted via the motor. The zinc spraying coating technique is a cold procedure that produces a fine, dense coating with great bonding strength and the least amount of porosity.

online zinc spray booth

Due to the removal of the galvanized layer, while welding the seam, Zinc Spray coating on G. I. Tubes and pipes produced by Tube Mills generally lack corrosion resistance property at the weld portion, throughout the Seam Spraying of Pre-coated E.R.W Tube length (resulting in poor corrosion resistance and subsequent rusting). The metal coat has investigated the issue and created chemically non-hazardous thermal spray coating systems for continuous zinc spray coating on G. I. Tubes and Pipes at the seam.

Such systems have been verified and supplied to a number of renowned tube mills, where they have performed admirably. The Zinc spray has a particle size of 20 to 30 microns. However, 10 to 100 microns can be deposited on tubes and pipes ranging in size from 15mm N.B. to 125mm N.B. without halting Tube Mill speed (depending on tube/pipe traverse rate). The average output is 10 pipes per minute, with a coating thickness of 25 microns. A dry Zinc spray Booth (Spray Chamber), Twin Cyclone, Exhaust Fan with motor, and ducting are included in the system package.

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