Mixing Tube

Mixing Tube

Mixing Tube

Mixing Tube is observed at the base of the machine where its miles are used for fine mixing of air-abrasive media to promote the loose waft of media.

The aggregate of air abrasive is carried to the sand blasting nozzle through a blasting hose. It is manufactured from Cast iron, Aluminum, and Mild Steel. The appliance consists of a mixing tube, an abrasive nipple, union block and air inlet nipple.

Sand Blasting Machine Mixing Tube

Sand blasting machines employ the mixing tube assembly. It is located at the bottom of the sand blasting hopper and is used to ensure proper mixing of air-abrasive media in order to encourage free media flow. A blasting hose transports the air abrasive mixture to the sand blasting nozzle. Cast iron, aluminium, and mild steel are used to construct it. A mixing tube, an abrasive nipple, a union, and an air nipple make up the apparatus.

The Sand Blasting Machine Mixing Tube is used to alter the aggregate of abrasive media with compressed air discovered underneath the pressure vessel of the abrasive blasting machine. Common kinds of regulating gadgets encompass automated plunger gadgets, guide plunger gadgets, flat fashion regulating gadgets, computerized pinch regulating gadgets, manual pinch regulating gadgets, and doughnut kind regulating devices.

All regulating gadgets come in touch with abrasives and are subjected to wear and tear. For this cause, regulating gadgets should be serviced, lubricated, and inspected for wear in keeping with the producer’s guidelines (normally after 3 months of use). All makes and varieties of regulating devices which might be maintained nicely, and feature worn parts changed before a failure — those lead to last a whole lot countless.

Specification of Mixing Tube Assembly

Flange Type Tube Most Suitable for Portable Abrasive Blasting machine
Cross-Type Tube Most Suitable for Pressure Blasting Cabinet
Available Sizes3/4 inch, 1 inch, 1.5 inch

Flange Type Mixing Tube Assembly

  • Most appropriate for Portable Abrasive Blasters.

Cross Type Mixing Tube Assembly

  1. Most appropriate for Cabinet Type (Pressure Blasters)
  2. Available in following sizes three/four inch , 1 inch, 1.Five inch
mixing tube

Working of Mixing Tube 

The abrasive media is driven down by air and hopper structure from mixing tubes in portable pressure blasting equipment and pressure blasting cabinet. The air inlet is provided by an appropriate compressor in portable and cabinet blasting machines, and the inlet air hose pipe is connected to machine fittings such as an air filter. Air from the air filter is directed into a pressure vessel and one end of a mixing tube. The pressure vessel is filled with abrasive material and is pressurized with compressed air, which forces the abrasive media via a pinch valve linked to the mixing tube’s center end.

Mixing tubes are used in transportable pressure blasting machines and strain blasting cabinets from which the abrasive media is driven down by air and hopper shape. In portable and cabinet type sand / shot blasting machine, the air inlet is given by suitable compressor, then inlet air hose pipe is connected to the machine becoming such as air filter, from air filter out air goes in a pressure vessel and in one cease of mixing tube.

The pressure vessel is full of abrasive media and receives pressurized through compressed air which pressurizes the abrasive media to pinch valve that is connected to center cease of blending of tube. Now from one aspect compressed air is coming and from the center stop abrasive is coming, at the hole combination of each compressed air and abrasive is out for blasting cause. 

 Mixing tubes have 3 openings in which, one facet is connected with incoming air hose pipe from the air filter out, the center opening is hooked up with a hopper or stress port of abrasive blasting system and the alternative quit is outlet hose in which air and abrasive aggregate comes out for blasting cause.

It is a warmness-dealt for the longer wear resistance belongings.

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