Aluminum Cut Wire Shot

Aluminum Cut Wire Shot

Aluminium Cut Wire shot is employed for the blasting, cleanup, surface finishing, and deburring of primarily metal castings and forgings. It’s terribly sturdy and leaves no ferric residue on the substrate. It’s used for blasting and good finishing. The Size of the diameter is 0.60 mm to 2.50 mm. The material aluminum and the diameter and thickness are respectively 0 to 10 mm and the thickness is 0 to 5 mm & 10 to 15 mm.

They are gray in color and have industrial usage in surface finishing, polished features corrosion resistance, extra stronger, high quality. The shape is cylindrical or as cut. And abrasive grain sizes 1mm -5mm. Aluminum cut wire hardness 90-120 Hv. Tension testing is usually being done in a universal testing machine. The machine is usually connected to a computer to produce the result of the test.

Because aluminum cut wire shot has a sharp edge, it is used for acceptable cleaning where cleaning speed is basic and severe completing is acceptable. An aluminum cut wire shot is used in a shot blasting machine where the wheel pivots and the shot blasting machine measures the cut wire on the outside of the part. An electric engine is used to turn the wheel. The size of the wheel in an airless blasting machine varies, and the bureau size varies as well. The size of the lodge is determined by the part dimensions. Aluminum Cut wire shots do not produce dust during the blasting process and can be reused in most cases.

Aluminum Cut Wire Shot is a type of inclination media used for peening, cleaning, tumbling, and vibratory wrapping. Wheel impact hardware makes extensive use of it. It could be either as-cut (barrel-shaped with sharp edges) or as-molded (adjusted to a circle). Cut wire shot is a type of impacting medium that is used in shot firing machines to determine surface readiness.

Advantages of Aluminium Cut Wire Shot

  • Most economical and lowest consumption.
  • Consumption 3-4 times less compared to cast shot.
  • No dust formation.
  • Faster cleaning.
  • Environmental friendly.
  • Uniform hardness.
  • Stabilized grain size.
  • Increased fatigue life of blasted parts.

Size of Aluminum Cut Wire shot

Available Sizes

Equivalent Size(in mm)
Cut Wire Shot range(in mm)0.3-0.50.4-0.600.5-0.70.6-0.80.7-0.90.8-1.10.8-1.21-1.41.2-1.61.4-1.8


Type of MaterialMaterial UsedHRC
AluminumWire Types 4043-5356 full hard wire types 1100-1350 full hard40-70 20-4

Applications of Aluminum Cut Wire Shot

Aluminum cut wire shots are soft. It’s suitable for operation in debarring the die casting, removal of paint, dust and sand particle loose particles and coating and heat softness and a thin film of aluminum cut wire shots on workpieces or objects which provide corrosion on the resistance. The cut wire shots are also used for surface finishing, obtaining profile pattern shot peening, shot blasting grit removal, pre-treatment, rust removal, and blast cleaning.

aluminium cut wire shots

Features of Aluminum Cut Wire Shot

  • Its cylindrical shape with edges rounded helps to clean faster. The rate of cleaning will be ultimately increased by at least 25% of your Blasting Machine.
  • Equal hardness and size and excellent homogeneity.
  • After a few hours of usage, during the shot blasting process, the aluminum cut wire shot becomes conditioned (spherical) due to its natural tendency.
  • Due to fine grain size, shot live for days and weeks, until every shot reduces to microparticles; they do not break into dust.
  • The shot used in the shot peening/blasting process should be at least as hard as Almen strips or the part being peened/blasted.
  • Being used in more cycles (3-5 times), aluminum cut wire shot reduces the cost for maintenance and warehouse.
  • Lower Surface Contamination.
  • 100% solid material; no blowholes, tails & porosity.
  • You can reduce the time for shot peening/blasting.
  • Cleans fast and gives a bright & smooth finish than other abrasives.
  • Increases the fatigue life for the blasted objects.
  • No dust or health hazards during the operation.

Industrial Uses of Aluminum Cut Wire Shot

  • Automotive Industry.
  • Aerospace Industry.
  • Medical Industry.
  • Shipping Industry.

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