Babbitt Wire

Babbitt Wire

Babbitt is a high-grade tin-based (lead-free) Babbitt wire designed specifically for arc and combustion wire spraying.

Babbitt is especially well-suited to high-speed and heavy-duty bearings that demand the highest-quality coatings, especially when utilized in critical applications. Babbitt has a bright, metallic look and is ductile and low in coating oxide.

Use of Babbitt Wire

In the thermal coating process, Babbitt wires are employed in the thermal spray. For coating, the thermal spray uses an electric arc wire spray or a wire flame spray gun. Babbitt is a term used to describe white metals. Tin or lead, antimony, or copper are examples of white materials. This wire comes in both soft and hard versions, and it has excellent low friction and wears resistance.

Babbitt wire is strong enough to protect and repair a glass-lined food storage tank. This wire creates a highly dense 0.25 to 0.65 mm covering that protects against corrosion.

3.6 percent copper, 7.1 percent antimony, and 89.3 percent tin make up the Babbitt wire composition. The melting point of the wire is 695°.

Tin, lead, antimony, copper, and antimony and copper are the principal alloys. Antimony and copper are added to improve the alloy’s strength and hardness. The Babbitt alloy wire features a soft phase matrix with equally dispersed hard particles and high embedding, flexibility, and seizure resistance. After running in, the soft matrix becomes concave, while the hard particles become convex, resulting in a small sliding surface gap, which serves as an oil storage area and lubricating oil channel, reducing friction. The convex hard particles serve as a supporting element, reducing friction and increasing load capacity. Due to its soft texture, babbitt alloy wire is frequently sprayed on the steel substrate to manufacture bearing bushes in addition to sliding bearings.

For the flame and arc spray gun, a high-grade, lead-free Babbitt wire is employed. Babbitt wire coating metals are ideal for high-speed and heavy-duty bearings. Bearings are utilized in a variety of essential applications, hence they have to be coated to the highest possible standard. The coatings on Babbitt wires are ductile and have a low coating oxide content. The Babbitt wire coating has a bright, metallic look to it.

babbitt wire

Babbitt wire is nobler than steel in the electrochemical series for metal and alloy. EMF/RFI shielding can also be achieved with babbitt wire or tin coating. Tin is used as a bond coat for high melting point materials such as nickel-copper, nickel, bronze, and stainless steel. Babbitt wire is made of tin. A is a particularly high grade made solely for thermal spray applications.

Wire coating is used as a lubricant in Babbitt heavy-duty and high-speed bearings. When bearings are in good working order, a protective covering avoids common wear.

Babbitt wire is classified as a tin-based alloy (see tin alloy) or a lead-based alloy (see lead-based alloy). The latter has antimony levels of 10% to 20% and tin levels of 5% to 15%. A little amount of arsenic is frequently added to grains to avoid component segregation and purify them. Lead-based alloys have lesser strength, hardness, and corrosion resistance than tin-based alloys.

Specifications of Babbitt Wire

Packaging typeRoll

Physical Properties

  • Coating Thickness  >0.200
  • Coating bond strength 1,200 PSI
  • Coating density 6.43 or 6.67 g/cm3
  • Approximate melting Point 232 or 354 °C (450 or 669 °F)

Applications of Babbitt Wire

  • For use on heavy machinery such as high speed bearing bush of steam turbine, gas turbine and combustion engine and so on.
  • For use on components such as compression machine, ball grinding mill, beating machine bearing, bearing bush, steel rolling machine, dryer machine and so on.
  • Applications on bearings and bearing bush of ship machinery, chemical machinery, mine machinery, reduction gears and mechanical seals.

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