Cylinder Shot Blasting Machine

Cylinder Shot Blasting Machine

Cylinder Shot Blasting Machine is utilized to naturally clean the outer layer of the cylinders by blasting of the coarseness material coming from the turbines of the machine in a restricted chamber. The cylinders have a chance impacted as they go through the blast room on the foundation of the machine. The cylinders additionally break turned on the rollers as they go through to guarantee the cleaning of the total surface.

Cylinder Shot Blasting Machine is made out of:

  •       Blasting Chamber
  •       Lower lodge with the helical mover
  •       Cylinder Rotation and Moving System
  •       Lift
  •       Filter and Separator
  •       Dry Filter Unit (dust gatherer)

A Cylinder shot blasting machine is employed to inherently clean the outermost layer of the cylinders by blast cleaning of the grating coming from the shoot turbines of the machine in a restricted chamber. The cylinders have a chance to impact as they go through the blasting chamber on the foundation of the machine. The cylinders likewise break pivoted on the rollers as they go through to guarantee the cleaning of the total surface. LPG cylinder shot blasting machine is one of the sorts of cylinder shot blasting machines.

Shot Blasting Machine for LPG Cylinder is easy to work with least support and administrator needs to stack and empty the cylinders on turning devilish rollers. The outer surface of metallic Gas cylinders is needed to be impact cleaned to eliminate rust, consumption, and surface cleaning for thermal covering and painting. We have likewise made an overhead transport type machine with 6 shoot wheels to clean the cylinders, in the wake of blasting the cylinders are passed on to a metal shower stall on a similar transport for metal covering.

LPG cylinder blasting machine has a few kinds: The first sort is diabola roller transport type, which makes the LPG cylinder push ahead evenly and turn when it pushes ahead. A couple of impact wheels are fixed on top of the blasting chamber. Because of the LPG cylinder pivot when it pushes ahead, the impact wheel can impact it completely from all sides.

Specifications of Cylinder Shot Blasting Machine

The main characteristics of the Cylinder Shot Blasting Machine are:

(Note: According to the customer request, properties will change)

Machine TypeShot Blasting Machine
Main StructureReinforced steel structure with high-grade steel plates in the main cabinet
Input LPG CylinderHeat-treated cylinders
Nominal Capacity500 Cylinders per hour
Number of Turbines8
Number of pallets in turbines6
Turbine Diameter320 mm
Machine Outer Width4500 mm
Machine Outer Length9550 mm
Machine Height5400 mm


  •       Shot medium, coarse particles, and residue are independent
  •       Driven by engine, reactor, and chain drive
  •       Mechanical activity of movements


  •       Engine redactor chain-driven cans
  •       Made from 4 mm thick steel
  •       Totally covered direction

Lower Cabin:

  •       Made from steel development
  •       Engine redactor chain-driven helical carriage
  •       Blasting medium is driven towards lift by helical carriage

Principle Cabin:

  •       Three turbines holding tight the roof
  •       Wear safe elastic screens at entry and exit
  •       Revolution of cylinders
  •       Move of cylinders from contribution to yield

Dust Filtering Unit:

  •       Sifting of residue
  •       Divergent sifting extra
  •       Water channel to change dust over to the mud

Control Panel:

  •       Gives control buttons and pointers
  •       Excellent electric parts
  •       Checking of turbine limits
  •       Pneumatic control of turbine yields

For a gas cylinder shot blasting machine, there are three options we have-

  1. Skew roll shot blasting machine (Diabolo shot blasting machine)– This type of diabolo shot blasting machine has a high productivity, with the ability to blast clean 200-600 cylinders per day (8 working hours), making it ideal for cylinder makers.
  2. Hanger type shot blasting machine– This hanger type shot blasting machine is the most cost-effective alternative; it is appropriate for companies that provide blast cleaning services for cylinders, and its productivity ranges from 100 to 150 pieces each shift at most.
  3. Overhead rail shot blasting machine– This type of shot blasting machine will continuously blast clean the cylinders on an overhead rail, and it may be designed to blast clean 500-1000 cylinders every shift, making it the most productive of the three options.
cylinder shot blasting machine

Advantages of Cylinder Shot Blasting Machine

  • Cleaning the exterior wall of LPG, CNC, and GAS cylinders is possible with this tool.
  • Increasing the surface quality of the bottles and cylinders by removing rust and oxide.
  • For a better paint adhesion, remove the casting sands, cores, and previous paint.
  • It can be used alone or in conjunction with other devices to create a gas cylinder manufacturing line.

Dust Recycling System

Bucket Elevator and Media Separator Unit: The moved abrasives will be raised to the lift head area at the ideal stature with the assistance of consistent containers mounted on texture utilized elastic belt. Tensioning game plan of lift belt for the expulsion of tensioned belt length will be given at the top part of the lift, to keep away from slippage of the belt.

The lift head pulley turn will toss the abrasives diffusively to the Media Separation Unit. The Separator will then, at that point, constantly isolate usable grating from unusable rough and flotsam and jetsam. The usable abrasives then, at that point, get moved into the container for adequate grating stockpiling. The assessment window will be given to examining the belt condition and substitution of buckets.

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