Laser Cleaning Machine

Laser Cleaning Machine

The Laser Cleaning Machine works by pulsing a laser beam through a material’s surface layer, ablating and vapourising it to the appropriate depth, and leaving a clean, pure surface beneath. The laser cleaning equipment is used to de-rust metal, remove paint, and restore the metal to its original physical and chemical properties. The laser cleaning device is a new version of the cleaning procedure that has quickly superseded more traditional methods such as dry-ice blasting or abrasive media blasting due to its various advantages.

It provides these advantages because it works in a very different way than previous methods. Furthermore, employing a fiber laser as the cleaning medium operates in a very different way than other approaches. It can function without the use of a chemical reagent or water.

Because laser cleaning systems are eco-friendly, energy-efficient, and finish the task in less time, they have a significant advantage over traditional cleaning methods such as Sand Blasting Machine and other abrasive blasting procedures.

Laser Cleaning Machine Specfication

Size of Total Setup (Approx.)650mm x 450mm x 250mm
Weight (Approx.)25 kg
Cooling SystemInternal Air-Cooled
Specified Laser Power of The Beam Source50W, 60W 120W
Beam Range6 cm
Wavelength1064 nm
Power Supply100 – 240 AC (50/60hz)
Ambient Temperature5° – 40° C (Min / Max)
Humidity Non-Condensing10% – 95%

Laser Cleaning Machine process

There are two types of laser cleaning techniques. The layers to be removed in the First Process have a chemical and physical composition that is significantly different from the substrate’s surface. Paint, rubber coating, and insulation are just a few examples. The impurities or contaminants to be removed in the second process are firmly ingrained in the material’s surface, which can be cleaned by physically removing the entire upper layer with a laser cleaning machine. Laser surface decontamination is used to accomplish this. Laser Scrabbling, for example, is used to remove a radioactive concrete layer.

Rust removal and other industrial cleaning applications can be made easier with laser cleaning solutions.

Types of Laser Cleaning Machine

Fiber Laser Cleaning Machine

Paint removal, preparatory treatment, oil and oxides (e.g. rust) removal, mold cleaning, tool cleaning, and labeling and marking are just a few of the industrial cleaning applications that may be done with a fiber laser cleaning machine. It can clean equipment in the shipbuilding sector, as well as auto components, rubber molds, high-end machine tools, tire molds, railroads, the environmental protection business, and other fields. Aluminium (Anodized/Polished/Cast), Stainless Steel / Mild Steel, Titanium, Copper, Brass, Nickel, Galvanized Metals, Multi-Coated Materials, Painted Metal Alloys, Plastics, Polypropylene/Polycarbonate, Cast Iron and Chrome, Chrome, Carbide, Rubber, and PVC are the most commonly used materials for laser cleaning.

Handheld Laser Cleaning Machine

handheld laser cleaning machine is also known as portable Laser Cleaning Machine. The advantages of a handheld cleaning machine include portable and low weight, flexible and customizable parameters, wireless operation, and so on. It effectively removes rust, stains, oil stains, and coatings, among other things. It may be used in a variety of sectors, including mechanical processing, cultural relics restoration, and mold cleaning. It can also be used in food processing, electronic circuits, and other fields. It can process a variety of modeling workpieces and accomplish efficient cleaning thanks to its precision positioning capabilities.

Application of Laser Cleaning Machine

The notion of a laser cleaning machine should be introduced to all companies in order to raise awareness of the benefits of using lasers to eliminate a few chemical processes, which will benefit both the industry and the environment. The roughening of metal surfaces to create friction, which can be utilized for tires, electronics, food, and other mold cleaning applications, are listed below.

To clean nuclear power components quickly. In ship production and maintenance, laser cleaners are used to treat oxide. The versatility of laser cleaners makes it easier to clean and condition a three-dimensional surface. The versatile laser cleaning can be used to texturize and modify metal surfaces. For joining pre-treatment, laser cleaners are utilized. Anodized, painted, or coated surfaces require cleaning and ablation. Paint stripping and removal are simple tasks for laser cleaners.

It removes a very thin layer of the material’s top layer in order to remove rust and corrosion from metal. Oil stains can be removed with laser cleaners, which are also used for contaminant removal, metal mold residue removal, and metal degreasing before joining, soldering, or welding. The intense lasers are used to clean the surface of the stone figures as well as the attachments.

Laser Cleaning Machine Price

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