sand blasitng machine in defense

Why industry related to Sand Blasting Machines in India is crucial for the Indigenous defense sector?

What is Blasting technique and its uses on Defence in Brief.


Sand Blasting is a process in which abrasive material is been bombarded at a high velocity with help of compressed air on a surface to achieve desired changes on the surface of the object

These actions may include

  • Engraving
  • smoothing surface
  • polishing
  • removing dirt or debris on metal surface
  • cleaning oil, rust etc. from the surface
  • Removing Paint or previous polishing material
  • making surface rough before paint

Uses of Sand Blasting

Sandblasting machines can be used in varied industries like

  • Industry endulged in metal forging
  • Painting and fabrication industry
  • Defense and aerospace
  • Architectural industry
  • Medical Industry

Uses Of Sand Blasting Machine in Defense Sector

When we discuss the development of Defense equipment, they are expected to be the best performer in the most worse conditions,

These defense equipment’s needs withstand the harshest environment including extreme heat, cold, Water, Salty environments of Sea, Rusting, dusting, etc

Secondly, these equipment need huge efforts in terms of monetary, manpower, technology, security, etc. so they cannot be categorized as disposable items that can be replaced by a new one on a frequent basis.

Industry demands long-lasting defense equipment that can withstand the test of time. this can be achieved either by increasing their tensile strength using the latest tools like SHOT PEENING MACHINES, coating their surface with some high anti-corrosion metals/ alloys using FLAME SPRAY GUNS.

Using all these can certainly increase the life of the metal surfaces and can extend the maintenance frequency of the product. but still, they need a makeover after a certain period of time

We can refurbish such instruments by removing dust, oil, corrosion, etc.

This can be done by rubbing the surface with abrasive paper manually.

In modern times we don’t use manual procedures, rather we use the latest techniques and equipment like Sand Blasting Machine, Shot Blasting Machines, etc.

So let’s discuss in detail its application in the defense sector

Refurbishing of a Military tank with help of sand blasting

sand blasting for military tank
Cleaning Of Military Tank with Sand Blasting Machine

Uses of Sand blasting Machines for Army

The military generally deploys heavy machines made of metal

these machine need to work in harsh environments which increases the level of corrosion and erosion

To avoid this, generally Sandblasting machines are been deployed so that these rusts, salt deposition can be removed and the machine can be restored with an increase in performance and imparting a longer life

Benefits of Sand Blasting machines in Defense

There are many benefits to the army from sandblasting machine some of them are listed below

  1. Sand blasting can increase the life of heavy equipments which saves hard earn tax payers money
  2. Most of military equipments cost in Millions of Dollar , thus increasing life expectancy saves valueable forex reserve , Specially in country like India we are spending huge amount of money on defense , so definately we will like to make most of out . Currently we are third largest spending country after US and China as per article publishes in Times of India
  1. Increases performance of Military vehicles
  2. Heavy vehicles like Tank etc need periodic sand blasting to avoid rusting
benefits of sand blasting in defense
Benefits of sandblasting in Defense | Source

What else in blasting apart from sand blasting

Apart from sandblasting , the defense also uses similar techniques for increasing tensile strength of metal called Shot peening

In this, Small rounded particles of blasting media, majorly steel shots are been bombarded at high velocity, these small spherical balls of steel strike to the metal surface, again and again, to increase the strength, increase the density and decrease the space required with the same weight

Apart from this, there are many other benefits of Blasting Techniques, which we will discuss later