Zinc Wire

Zinc Wire

Zinc wire is a multi-step process that involves melting Zinc or Zinc Alloy metals and then propelling the molten fragments onto a prepared substrate to create a lamellar or multilayer covering. Metalizing Gun, as it is often known, is a highly effective and well-proven method of corrosion prevention that provides galvanic and barrier coating protection to iron and steel.

The majority of steel protective coating technologies only serve as a barrier between the steel and corrosive environments. Moisture and oxygen can enter the steel if these passive and permeable barriers are destroyed or breached, causing rust and coating failure. A zinc metalized coating provides barrier protection, but because of the electrochemical interaction between zinc and steel, it can also provide cathodic protection. A zinc spray gun coating will galvanically maintain the steel: it will corrode in preference to steel, protecting the steel for as long as any zinc remains in the nearby region. Sealers and topcoats adhere well to the metalized coating’s surface.

Specifications of Zinc Wire

MOQ2 Metric Ton
Country of OriginIndia
ApplicationPlastic Film Capacitors, Construction, Electronics
TypePure Zinc Wire (Special High Grade 99.995%)
FeatureCrack Proof, Easy To Fit
Wire Diameter1.2-3.2mm

Physical Characteristics

Density7.14 g/cm3
Melting point419.6 C
Boiling point907 C

Tensile strength

Soft zinc wirelower than 100 N/mm2
Medium zinc wire100–120 N/mm2
Hard zinc wirehigher than 120 N/mm2

Elongation at rupture

Soft zinc wire60–100%
Medium zinc wire40–80%
Hard zinc wire30–60%

Zinc Spray Wire

Ordinary zinc-plated coatings in Zinc Spray Wire are dull black with a matte finish, yet more white, brighter coatings are typically delivered, depending on the procedure for professionals applied to the plating shower or through post-medicines. The number represents the thickness of the coating in microns (m). Zinc plating is commonly used for screws, other light clasps, light switch plates, and other small parts. For added consumption guarantee, materials for use in moderate or severe conditions should be chromate transformation coated. The zinc spray wire covering is unadulterated zinc, which has a hardness of roughly 33% to one-third of that of most metals.

Applications of Zinc Wire

  • Construction area.
  • Woven wire mesh.
  • Handicraft.
  • Used in thermal spray gun.
  • Highway fence.
  • Product packaging.
  • Daily civil use.

Features of Zinc Wire

  • High product purity.
  • Good toughness and elasticity.
  • Clean and smooth surface.
  • Anti corrosion surface treatment.
  • Anti hard environment.
  • Good electric conductivity.
  • Durable and long service life.

Safety Precautions

  • Grit blasting, Metalizing and sealer activities should be carried out in dry weather; repairs should not be carried out in wet and windy weather without the prior approval of the Engineer in charge of the project.
  • The standard protections against vapor and residue hazards, such as wearing a cover and providing enough ventilation, should be noted.
  • Any warnings imprinted on compartments by sealer material manufacturers should be noted, and the client should advise him, taking into account all instances of confusion about the item’s safety and fire dangers.
  • The standard precautions against exhaust and residue concerns, such as wearing a veil and having adequate ventilation, should be noted. During the spraying of Zinc combination, no unusual dangers arise.

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