Zinc Aluminum Wire

Zinc Aluminum Wire

Zinc Aluminum wire is produced by super unadulterated electrolytic zinc and aluminum. They are suitable for fire showers and electric bend amalgam splashing. Their immaculateness matches 2.3 – zinc-aluminum wires for thermic showering, Through the EN ISO 14919 norm.

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Specifications of Zinc Aluminum Wire

Zn (%)84-86
Al (%)14-16
Pb (%)≤0.005
Cd (%)≤0.005
Cu (%)≤0.01
Sn (%)≤0.001
Fe (%)≤0.05
Si (%)≤0.12

Metallized 85-15 Zinc-Aluminum

85/15 is a weighted alloyed wire made up of 85 percent zinc and 15 percent aluminum. Development research of the behavior of both zinc and aluminum led to this combination and proportion by weight. The French Electricity Research Department issued a report in 1966 describing the beneficial behavior of a zinc alloy containing 15% aluminum when placed inside pressured conduits for 33 months. Further research into different combinations of zinc and aluminum indicated that metalizing zinc wire had a lower corrosion potential than iron. Steel receives sacrificial protection from the anodic reaction. Aluminum acts as an inert covering, providing steel with a passive sort of protection.

After experimenting with various combinations, the results revealed that increasing the alloy’s aluminum weight content resulted in an increase in aluminum volume. For example, a weight of 28 percent corresponded to a volume of 50 percent. Aluminum became a considerable volume of the covering at this high proportion or higher.

When coupled with zinc, the zinc was unable to offer a cathodic protective effect to the coating, but it was still sufficient to prevent underthrusting for a short length of time. However, the zinc’s sacrificial protection was insufficient to prevent steel corrosion in problem regions, thus it acted as a pure aluminum covering. Simply, any coating that contains more than 28% aluminum by weight is referred to as an aluminum coating.

The discovery of a two-phase, equally dispersed coating structure consisting of big elongated particles containing mostly aluminum surrounded by microscopic zinc particles was made when cross-sections of the 85/15 coating were examined. The coating acts structurally like a zinc coating, which would be reinforced by a weaving of the more inert aluminum. In addition, electrochemical studies revealed that the two phases combine the fundamental electrochemical properties of both components.

zinc aluminum wire

Advantages of Zinc Aluminum Wire

Apart from the advantages of a dual-phase coating, 85/15 sprayed by flame and electric arc metalizing equipment produces a denser coating than pure zinc or aluminum. The alloy’s maximum service temperature (600°F, 315°C) is substantially higher than the zinc’s (120°F), allowing it to be used in applications such as steel storage tanks.

The square foot coating coverage per pound with 85/15 compared to pure zinc is enhanced by about 22% due to the difference in metal density. Zinc covers 3.5 sq. ft. per pound with a 6 mil coating thickness, whereas 85/15 covers 4.3 sq. ft. per pound.

Applications of Aluminum Zinc Alloy

Aluminum zinc alloy wire is commonly used for anti-corrosion thermal spray, containers, bridges, heads, storage bodies, electric iron towers, poles and towers, metal condensers, cast iron nodules, transport equipment, etc.

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