Paint Booth System

Paint Booth System

The Paint Booth System provides a clean environment for finishing, at the same time removes any paint overspray from the air used in exhaust filters. The results are clean air in an enclosed or circumcircle, protected painting area with particulate-free air consumed from the booth area. The most condemnatory function of a paint booth is to carry paint overspray, keep your employees and the environment safe. In addition to safety, quality can be eloquently improved with a paint booth system, surround paint booths offer a contaminant-free environment for a good quality of paint tasks.

Specifications of Paint Booth

Material to be paintedSteel, Aluminum, Iron, Wood, Plastic
Heating ModeElectric
Voltage220 V
Booth Size (mm x mm x mm)Customized
Minimum Order Quantity1

Types of the Paint Booth System

  • Cross Flow paint booth
  • Side downdraft paint booth 
  • Semi downdraft spray booth
  • Open face industrial booth

Cross Flow paint booth System

The working of cross-flow paint booth system, the fresh air enters through the front door and exits through a filter system. It’s on the opposite side of the cross-flow booth. It works horizontally air is drawn directly from the over the article or workpiece to be painted. The booth is overspray through exhaust filters.

Side downdraft paint booth system

Side Downdraft paint booths system take air from the top of the roof and exists or exhaust out from the sidewalls of the paint booth. Side Downdraft paint booth permission for a downdraft finish quality but no need for a concrete may seem like a side downdraft paint booth system it’s all advantages of the downdrafts without any disadvantages (concrete work etc.) but there is some negative point in a side downdraft paint booth. Firstly, it will need a lot of tubes (gas, liquid) work which can often lead to a cost even similar to a paint booth system. 

Semi-downdraft Spray Booth System

Semi-down draft spray booth systems are combined with two airflows described above (cross draft and downdraft). Semi-downdraft is associated with higher quality finish needs. The design of semi-downdraft airflow uses both the principles of a downdraft.  Mostly the air is introduced in a ceiling quantity plenum typically which is located at the front of the booth. Air moves downwards and behind the rear exit from a chamber that is at the facing end of the booth and that is situated closer to the levels.

The air has semi-downdraft movement and passes over the part of a down-wards and moves surrounds the rear exhaust chamber. The exhaust room is the same as the cross-draft type and incorporates the exhaust filter so the air can be filtered from any paint overspray as it passes through the filters. The cleaned air is pulled up by the exhaust fan through a certain filter and exhaust dust material is carried out from the atmosphere.

Open face paint booth system

Open face paint booths system is easily available in cross draft Actually enclosed paint booths are available in different airflow styles, including all the above 3 paint booth systems (cross draft, side downdraft, and downdraft). The way airflow can have an effective impact on the quality of the paint booth system with a good finish by cross draft airflow. Air enters at the front of the paint booth, then the motion of the spray booth on the product, into a filter bank at the back end of the spray room. As one of the products is separated, overspray may be bringing in over products ensuing(following), they can affect the product quality of paint workpiece.

Open face water curtain paint booth system

The paint booth dust particles are absorbed by the particle in a vacuum designed by the exhaust fan through a water curtain. The air is cleaned by rubbing with a brush and water(scrubbing) action in turbulent rough water. The air is carried out into the atmosphere to keep the environment clean and eco-friendly.

paint spray booth

Features of Paint Spray Booth

  • Long operational life
  • Smooth functioning
  • Rugged designs

Benefits of Paint Spray Booth

In many industrial manufacturing plants, a paint booth is an important component. It may be able to:

Improved results: A paint booth removes impurities, allowing for a smoother, cleaner finish. To achieve a more uniform finish, some designs can even blast paint over bare regions.

Follow the rules: You can work with the Environmental Protection Agency to meet or exceed their criteria for the hazardous chemicals used in paint spraying. It can also protect your personnel by reducing their exposure.

Reduce operating costs: Choosing the correct paint spray booth might help you save money. Improved coating quality might also help you save money on materials and labor. It’s possible that you’ll need to apply fewer layers and touch-ups.

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