Aluminum Oxide Grit

Aluminum Oxide Grit

Aluminum Oxide Grit is a substance compound of aluminum and oxygen with the synthetic recipe Al2O3. It is the most regularly occurring of a few or specific Aluminum oxides and is explicitly recognized as aluminum oxide(Al2O3). It is normally called alumina and may likewise be called alkoxide or alundum relying upon specific structures or applications. It happens normally in its translucent polymorphic part in light of the fact that the mineral styles of that kind are the significant gemstones ruby and sapphire. Al2O3 is basic in its utilization to give metallic component metal, as partner degree grating due to its hardness, and as a hard-headed material in view of its high temperature.

Specifications of Aluminum Oxide Grit

Abrasive Material Corundum (Virgin Grade, Commercial)
Aluminum Oxide Content95 % Min
Hardness On Moh’s  Scale 09 Min
Specific Gravity 3.9 Min
Melting Point2,0720C
Molar Mass101.96 g/mol
Packaging Size50 kg

Mesh Size Available with us

We supply all sizes according to customers need, Our Standard size is

Mesh Size Available
8 Mesh80 Mesh
10 Mesh90 Mesh
12 Mesh100 Mesh
14 Mesh120 Mesh
20 Mesh150 Mesh
22 Mesh180 Mesh
24 Mesh220 Mesh
30 Mesh240 Mesh
36 Mesh280 Mesh
40 Mesh320 Mesh
46 Mesh360 Mesh
54 Mesh400 Mesh
60 Mesh500 Mesh
70 Mesh600 Mesh

Aluminum Oxide Grit Manufacturer

We are the leading aluminum oxide grit manufacturer. The aluminum oxide will be considered as a paradigmatic grating for its determination in morphology and its stages that outline the most perspectives to be thought about for abrasives. It had been a standard fixing in contact materials, especially, also known as corundum. it’s the hardest material when jewel on the arranged series inside the field of erosion, a few elective terms square measure currents, as combined corundum, calcined corundum, and so forth aluminum oxide used in sand blasting machine to perfect, smooth, deburr or scratch the sand shooting surface for surface arrangement. Utilized prior to painting eliminating or covering to eliminate free particles from the surface or article.

Types of Aluminum Oxide Grit

There are three types of aluminum oxide-

  • White Aluminum Oxide
  • Black Aluminum Oxide
  • Brown Aluminum Oxide

White Aluminum Oxide Grit

White aluminum oxide might be a substance of metallic component and compound component with the recipe Al2O3. It is known as white aluminum oxide on the grounds that the shade of the aluminum oxide is white. It’s the first for the most part happening of numerous metallic component oxides, explicitly known as aluminum compounds. It’s normally known as corundum and will even be known as al-oxide or aluminum oxide relying on unequivocal structures or applications. It happens normally in its glass-like polymorphic segment on the grounds that the mineral corundum, sorts of that sort the significant gemstones ruby and sapphire.

Al2O3 is basic in its utilization to supply metallic component metal, as partner grating on account of its hardness, and as an unmanageable material because of its high edge of freezing over.

White alumina oxide, regularly known as aluminum oxide(Al2O3), is a dormant scentless, white undefined material frequently utilized in modern earthenware production. Because of its remarkable properties, alumina has added to a significant number of life-expanding and society-upgrading applications. It is generally utilized in the clinical field and current fighting.

White aluminum oxide is a thermally temperamental and insoluble compound that happens normally in different minerals like corundum, a glasslike variation of the oxide, and bauxite, which is considered as its primary aluminum metal.

aluminum oxide

Black Aluminum Oxide Grit

Black aluminum oxide is an abrasive grit that is one of the hardest minerals available.  It’s black in color. The black aluminum has different sizes and mesh.

The black aluminum oxide is manufactured using the electrofusion of bauxite, iron oxide, and micro-elements in a tilting arc furnace at very content abrasive media. The mesh of black aluminum lies between 8 mm to 280 mm mesh size is available. The black aluminum oxide is black in color and the chemical formula is Al2o3. Black aluminum has low abrasive content.

Black corundum abrasive (Lower corundum Abrasive) could be a new abrasive amalgamated from aluminum oxide material for applications like sprucing of stainless-steel and non-ferrous metals. Common applications area unit grinding and sprucing of steel shots, glass, bamboo, or alternative materials. The black mineral has aluminum oxide’s high black hardness, due to which it adheres well to common bonding materials, and is tough but friable enough to cut well and reduce heat generated during grinding. Uses for black aluminum oxide area unit grinding wheels, powder for wire cutting and slicing, and coated abrasives. is utilized in grinding wheels, cutting and sharp edges, and on abrasive media.

In grinding applications, black aluminum oxide & in finishing application is superior to alternative aluminum oxide abrasive grit materials.

aluminum oxide

Brown Aluminum Oxide Grit

Brown aluminum oxide grit is a form of aluminum oxide with a variety of characteristics and compositions. Brown aluminum oxide is formed from grain aluminum oxide that has been fused in an electric arc furnace to create a high-strength, robust, and exceptionally durable material. This form of aluminum oxide grit comes in handy in a variety of situations. Brown-fused aluminum oxide is a general-purpose abrasive blasting media that can be used for abrasive blasting, polishing, lapping, and other finishing purposes.

Before it breaks down into fine grains, brown aluminum oxide grit has different memory abilities. A blast cabinet and blast chamber system are used to collect brown aluminum oxide for reuse. Aluminum oxide is a multi-edged abrasive that cleans the surface and provides good surface preparation.

Aluminum Oxide Grit Applications

  • Abrasive blasting
  • Investment castings cleaning.
  • For coating or bonding applications to create anchor pattern  
  • Surface preparation for thermal spray coatings
  • Stone and granite monument lettering
  • Glass etching or frosting
  • Matte surface finishing
  • Anti-skid surfaces
  • Paint, coating, scale, rust, or contaminate removal

Uses of Aluminum oxide grit

Aluminum oxide is generally used as a valuable abrasive media in blast cabinets and blast rooms. Because of its low iron content, aluminum oxide is generally utilized in sand blasting progress wherever iron pollution on the non-ferrous metal substrate does not support it. Aluminum oxide could be a terribly onerous and sharp abrasive that cleans very fast or rapidly.

Aluminum Oxide for Sale in India

We are the leading manufacturer of aluminum oxide grit for sale in India. We offer an abrasive shot, Steel Shot, SS Shot, Steel Grit, Garnet sand, Quartz shot, glass beads etc, and a qualitative range of industrial steel abrasive products.

To enable us to quote for your requirement, kindly give us the following info –

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We can also offer ungraded material for shipments in bulk in any quantities as desired by our buyers on FOB or CNF FO basis terms.