Grit blasting Machine

Grit blasting Machine

A grit blasting Machine is a method of cleaning and finishing materials by a strong application of an abrasive media, either dry or suspended in a liquid solution, against the workpiece’s surface. Grit blasting is a technological method of removing burrs, rust, corrosion from different kinds of surfaces by using grit, grits.

A grit blasting machine is a machine that uses high-velocity steel abrasive material to smooth a surface. The use of a grit blaster machine helps in the cleaning and preparing of surfaces for subsequent finishing processes. The size and shape of the equipment determine the type of grit blast equipment and machinery to be used. The cleaning surface, the needed final surface finish specification, and the entire process are all factors to consider.

Grit Blasting Equipment

Grit Blasting Equipment is used for the protection of different kinds of surfaces & also pre-preparation of surfaces prior to further processing, such as painting, casting, molding, etc.

The final result of the cleaned surface depends on several factors: the total quantity of the grit particle in one hot spot, grits or grit velocity, the angle of the particle which is the impact on the surface, the shape of grit and grits, the density & and coverage of the strokes kilogram per square feet.

Grit Blasting Machine Process 

Throw the grit blasting material ( steel grit ) at a high speed of 65 to 110 m/second in a highly controlled technique in the grit blaster machine. With the help of the abrasive impact, it eliminated the contaminants on the surface. The grit blasting machine process has reached its pinnacle. The grit blast media is propelled by compressed air. This method is still used to clean metal frames.

Portable Grit Blasting Machine

Portable Grit Blasting Machine is a machine that is unlike any other. The portable grit blasting method is used in a variety of sectors to clean and modify the outer surface qualities of various components. Portable Blasting Devices, as the name implies, are machines that may be moved from one location to another depending on their manner of operation.

The mechanism of a portable grit blaster machine is to drive air and sand composites with very high requirements, as well as steam, onto the outside surface of metal or segment via the Grit blasting nozzle. This method is used to either smooth out an uncultivated outside surface or to remove the surface material.

grit blasting machine

Uses of Grit Blasting Machine

Grit Blasting Machine is used in different industries, such as automobile industries, fabrication industry, casting and molding industry, aviation industries, shipping industry, production of pipe industry, structure industry. 

Grit Blaster Machine: Grit or Grit gets rapidly through the throwing turbine, which is speedily rotating in a steel casing, with one side tending to open which is called a control cage. Grit blasting Machine is used for blasting components, different finishing, Remove weld carbon and remove rust from casting, etc

Applications of Grit Blasting Machine 

  • in preparation for painting, anodizing, welding, or other activities that need a clean surface, clean a surface by removing undesired rust, scale, paint, etc.
  • deburr, erase tooling marks, or finish a rough product in some other way;
  • Peening action of successive impactions can change metallurgical characteristics or stress alleviate a part.
  • create a matte or decorative finish that you choose;
  • cutting or inscribing of partially masked components, such as tombstones, or
  • “Flashing” (extra material) should be removed from molded plastic or rubber.

Grit Blasting Machine Manufacturer

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