Water Curtain Spray Booth

Water Curtain Spray Booth

The water curtain spray booth gives an incredibly effective method for eliminating paint particles from the depleted air by involving water as a filtration media, have planned the water curtain spray painting booth for some completing applications. Standard water wash/water curtain spray booths are used for high volume paint use, medium or enormous measured parts, and cluster processes.

water curtain spray painting booth contains extraordinary elements like water tank or overspray paint assortment removal tank, extraordinarily planned eliminators (confounds), sawtooth plates, washing chamber, and high-pressure exhaust blower. This kind of painting booth is more well known where the paint utilization is 10-100 liters/shift, weighty paint utilization, high creation, and/for any part. Working with a water curtain spray paint booth system is exceptionally basic.

At the point when the paint is sprayed on the part the overspray is sucked quickly by the high-pressure outward blower through the sawtooth plate and the eliminator. During the above process, the paint squanders particles get cut at the sawtooth plate along these lines isolating the more slender to the exhaust blower and paint squander into the tank. Better spray dust is destroyed in the washing room. The paint is really washed in this chamber.

Even under the ideal maintenance settings, water wash/water curtain paint booths must be cleaned and purged weekly for proper functioning due to poor water filtration.

Uses of Water Curtain Paint Booth 

In production line spray painting, water wash/water curtain paint booths are employed. Because it gathers paint particulates from overspray, the water used in water wash/water curtain paint booths requires paint separation and filtering.

The greatest benefit of the water curtain spray painting booth is that chunks of waste paint are gathered in the assortment tank subsequently assisting the client with arranging it without any problem. In the manual booths we can paint up to 500 sq. feet per shift, this will build the creation.

A cleanroom is a climate, regularly utilized in assembling or logical exploration, with a low degree of ecological poisons like residue, airborne organisms, spray particles, and substance fumes.

The air going into a cleanroom from outside is sifted to bar dust, and the air inside is continually re-coursed through high-effectiveness particulate air (HEPA) as well as super low entrance air (ULPA) channels to eliminate inside produced toxins. Some cleanrooms are kept at a positive pressure so on the off chance that any holes happen, air spills out of the chamber rather than unfiltered air coming in.

A spray Gun is a vital part of any completing framework – regardless of whether the application includes enormous scope modern getting done or fragile accuracy painting. The right instrument for your application is an exceptional blend of a few variables. These incorporate the conveyance framework and atomization strategy, just as the spray firearm’s air cap, liquid tip, and needle blends. The most ideal instrument for the gig will permit you to expand the completion quality in a base measure of time.

water curtain spray booth

Advantage of Water Curtain Spray Booth

  • No disposable media paper
  • water curtain spray booth fully automatic system
  • industry’s lowest maintenance 
  • reduced labor
  •  maximized fluid life
  • reduced pollution and environmental impact
  • Solid separation capabilities down to the micron level 
  • standard 316 stainless steel construction

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