Hvof Gun

Hvof Gun

High velocity oxy-fuel (HVOF) Spray Gun

HVOF Spray Gun ( High velocity oxy-fuel (HVOF) Spray Gun ) needed a very high velocity for the coating process. Before moving substrate, this high velocity is utilized to drive the particles to supersonic speeds. High combustion pressure and great gas & particle velocity result in high coating quality in this variety of spray techniques. With a regulated heat input, the HVOF gun process efficiently combusts oxygen & gaseous or liquid fuel to produce increased kinetic energy.

The coating material, which is in powder appearance, is infiltrated into burning gas stream & uniformly warmed to a molten or semi-molten condition. A converging / diverging nozzle (air cap) accelerates the flame & powder to achieve supersonic gas also particle velocities, propelling the powder particles toward the substrate to be coated.

When powder particles collide with the substrate, they flatten plastically, then cool and solidify to form the coating. Coatings that are thick & strongly attached to the substrate are delivered by combining high particle velocities, homogeneous heating, & a short dwell time. Coating chemistries are additionally predictable, & coating crystal lattices are fine also homogenous.

Thermal spraying is an innovation that improves or reestablishes the outer layer of strong material. This cycle is utilized to apply coatings of reasonable metals to a wide scope of materials and parts, to give protection from Wear, disintegration, cavitations, consumption, scraped spot, or hotness. Thermal spraying is additionally done to give electrical conductivity or protection, lubricity, high or low erosion, conciliatory wear, synthetic obstruction, and numerous other positive surface properties.

Thermal spray gun is generally utilized across numerous businesses as a favored strategy. It has an incredible breadth to build existence of new parts or use attempted and tried approaches, to fix & once again engineer frayed or harmed parts.

Working rule of thermal Hvof spray coating

Thermal spraying coating depends on a similar technique for warming also dissolving a feed stock material, normally as powder also wire prior to speeding up it to a lofty velocity & afterward permitting the bits to hit substrate surface.

The principle part of all thermal spray coating is their lamellar grain system coming around because of instantaneous cementing of little globule particles, leveled from thrashing a virus surface at heightened speeds.

The coating is framed when a huge number of particles are kept as well as one another. These particles are mechanical also metallurgical & affixed to substrate.

High-Velocity Oxygen Fuel ( HVOF Gun) spray, a thermal spray strategy utilized to enhance or re-establish a part’s surface belongings or aspects, accordingly expanding instrumentation life by extensively expanding disintegration & wear obstruction also consumption security.

Liquid or semi-liquid materials region unit scattered atop the surface by warmness, boosted velocity gas stream, fabricating a thick spray which can be smoothed to an outrageously heightened surface end.

The usage of High velocity oxygen fuel HVOF spray Gun approach allows machine of wreath materials such as metals, amalgams, & pottery to provide a spray of extraordinary hardness, exceptional bond to substrate material, & contributing generous wear opposition & erosion insurance.

hvof gun

Applications of High Velocity Oxygen Fuel (HVOF) Spray 

High-velocity oxygen fuel (HVOF) spray Gun is utilized to involve high-grade squirts of cermets like WC/Co & WC/Co/Cr. Spray consistency is ordinarily in reach of 0.1-2 mm. Trademark highlights of HVOF spray gun spurts incorporate their more downward degree of porosity at around 1-2vol% & more downward oxide scope in reach 1-2wt%. The adhesive soundness frequently surpasses 80MPa. These squirts have being utilized on all parts of a expanse of designing & assembling employment to enhance surface possessions of parts. This permits arrangement of practical, heightened-execution elements produced using minimal expense or weightless materials with a useful surface.


•      Diminished expenses

•      Further developed execution

•      Worked on electrical properties

•      Empowering parts to work in higher/lower temperatures

•      Empowering parts to work inside unforgiving compound conditions

•      Further developed productivity

•      Further developed existence of mating parts

Ordinarily saved spray materials include:

Cermets (for example WC/Co, WC/Co/Cr, Cr 3C 2/NiCr, & NiCrSiBC).

Earthenware production (for example Cr 2O 3, Al 2O 3, also ZrO 2).

Metal amalgams (for example prepare, nickel, chromium, & cobalt.

amalgams inclusive of NiCrSiB & MCrAlYs).

Unadulterated metals (for example Ni, Cu, Al, Mo, & Ti).

Polymers (for example polyester, also nylon).

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