Copper Cut Wire Shots

Copper Cut Wire Shots

Copper cut wire shots are generally or normally applied to surface polishing, peening, and color processing of valves, electric fittings, ornaments, and other workpieces. Copper cut wire shots Our Company holds expertise in offering a remarkable array of copper cut wire shots, which is in tandem with globally laid quality standards. To ensure the same, We make use of premium quality copper, procured from the most reputed vendors of the industry in the manufacturing process of these copper wire shots. Further, we shape these copper wire shots with the aid of modern machinery under the watch of experienced professionals to ensure their smooth finishing.

The shots of this type of wire are 100% solid. These are available in a cylindrical shape as well as in conditioned spherical shape also, Mainly the use of copper shots for shot peening, cleaning, tumbling, paint removal, dust rust, and vibratory finishing. The material is made up of brass wire, so it is called brass cut wire shots. It is also used to polish the surface finishing. It is long-lasting and reliable.

If we see the features about these shots are good in dimensional, extra stronger and solid the hardness is of copper fine and sharp in edges, high in quality and extra tensile and with excellent temper.

These shots have a tendency of peening, cleaning, tumbling, and vibratory wrapping up. It is by far and largely used in wheel sway equipment. It will in general be of two shapes as-cut (tube-molded with sharp edges) or adjusted (acclimated to a circle). Copper cut wire shots is abrasive media used in a shot blasting machine for the surface game plan measure.

These shots are gotten by cutting wire into length identical to the estimation of the wire, and if fundamental, by then make them round through embellishment or changing measure. Shots of this type ensured the quality considering the way that the wire used to convey shots is heat-treated and cold drawn to achieve homogeneity and hardness. These shots have some substance which is having real and aggressive properties which ensure the absolute strength of each piece of these shots will not break down, break or powder while being utilized.

Copper shots have a sharp edge as a result of this these shots are used for cleaning where the speed of cleaning is fundamental and unforgiving finishing is commendable. These are used in the shot blasting machine in which the wheel turns and the shot blasting machine measure is formed by throwing cut wire outward of the part. To turn the wheel, an electric motor is used.

In an airless blasting machine the size of the wheel changes and with the wheel size, Sand Blasting Cabinet. These shots do not convey dust during the blasting cycle and can be reused regularly. Copper shots open in various hardness ranges depending on the application. Regularly higher the hardness of copper cut wire shots brings down the sturdiness. Surface cleaned by copper cut wire shot shows amazingly more splendid and smooth results ensuing blasting.

Specification of Copper Cut Wire Shots

These cut wire shots are available in various sizes as per availability and demand. It depends on various factors.

Size0.60 to 2.50 mm
Hardness100-300 hv
ShapeAs cut CCW (G1), DCCW (G2), SCCW (G3)
Color Brown
Density8.9 g/cm2
Hardness110’300 hv
Tensile intensity200’500 mpa
Chemical compositionCu, Zn, 58-99%
Durability5000 times

Advantages of Copper Cut Wire Shots

  • Dimensionally accurate
  • Good abrasion – improves work efficiency and is effective.
  • Highly durable – it reduces manufacturing time and cost.
  • Stable peening effect because of uniform hardness and particle sizes.
  • Consistency.
  • Protection from break.
  • Process duration.
  • Lower surface defilement.
copper cut wire shots

Applications of Copper Cut Wire Shots

  • These shots are used in blast cleaning of die casting, foundry pieces, forging, H type steel structure.                                               
  • Copper cut wire shot blasting of steel board, steel material, ship board and profile steel.
  • Copper is used in processes like the shot peening machine of Heat Treatment pieces, gear etc.
  • Pre-treatment of surface, steel structure, before painting is also done by using Copper cut wire shots in it.
  • Copper cut wire shots are mostly used in automobile industries in making parts of its vehicles.
  • Cut wire shot polishing of steel board, steel material and Profile Steel
  • It is used in rust removal of foundry pieces, descaling of forging, steel board, grit removal.

Copper Cut Wire Shots Supplier In India

We are the major cut wire shot supplier in India in western Rajasthan. Cleaning aluminum or other non-ferrous castings that require a more splendid completion while as yet eliminating separating lines or different flaws.

Planning aluminum for paint and aluminum pass on castings for deflashing and wrapping up. Essentially to clean or peen parts and parts where conductivity is significant and can’t be meddled with; for paint expulsion on electrical parts and tooling.