Silicon Carbide

Silicon Carbide

In essence, silicon carbide is a ceramic substance. Due of its unpackable hardness factor, silicon carbide is one of the most widely used abrasives. Only diamonds are more valuable than silicon carbide. By certain means, cubic boron nitride and boron carbide can also outperform silicon carbide. Because of their exceptional hardness and inexpensive cost, silicon carbides are very effective abrasives from a financial standpoint. It may also be used in a very broad variety of applications as a solid abrasive material. Cast iron and steel are regularly ground using tools made of silicon carbide. In addition to cutting carbide, aluminum, and nonferrous materials, silicon carbide may also be used to cut rubber and plastic.

Silicon carbide Applications 

silicon carbide is a very versatile abrasive material that may be used in a huge range of applications. Abrasive media tools manufactured of silicon carbide are frequently used to grind steel and cast iron. In addition, it may be used to cut materials made of carbide, aluminum, and non-ferrous metals. The abrasive media silicon carbide is also used to cut rubber and plastic in some way. It is largely employed in the coated industry. utilized in portable sand blasting machine for sandblasting enamel, non-ferrous metal, plastic, glass, and fibrous wood. Due to its plentiful toughness and hardness, silicon carbide is frequently employed as a cutting tool. This abrasive substance is further employed for grinding. It is used in welding, nonferrous metals, plumbing, and construction. a grinding tool used in the metallurgical and foundry sectors.

Specifications of Silicon Carbide

MaterialSilicon carbide
Particle size2.6 micron – 2.3 mm
ColorBlack, green and white
Hardness9.5 Mohs
Physical appearanceGrit and Powder
Specific gravity3.2
Melting Point2250 degree centigrade

Silicon Carbide Grit Sizes

Mesh sizeF gradesParticle sizeMesh sizeF gradesParticle size D0 micron
8 meshF8+4000um240 meshF240≤127
10 meshF10+3350um280 meshF280≤112
12 meshF12+2800um320 meshF320≤98
14 meshF14+2360um360 meshF360≤86
16 meshF16+2000um400 meshF400≤75
20 meshF20+1700um500 meshF500≤63
22 meshF22+1400um600 meshF600≤53
24 meshF24+1180um700 meshF700≤45
30 meshF30+1000um800 meshF800≤38
36 meshF36+850um1000 meshF1000≤32
46 meshF46+600um1200 meshF1200≤27
54 meshF54+500um1500 meshF1500≤23
60 meshF60+425um2000 meshF2000≤19
70 meshF70+355um2500 meshF2500≤16
80 meshF80+300um3000 meshF3000≤13
90 meshF90+250um4000 meshF4000≤11
100 meshF100+212um6000 meshF6000≤8.0
120 meshF120+180um8000 meshF8000≤6.0
150 meshF150+150um
180 meshF180+125um
220 meshF220+106um
  • Silicon carbide abrasive media can also be employed as solid abrasive material in a very vast range.
  • Silicon carbide abrasive media tools are consistently used in grinding steel and cast iron.
  • It can also be used to cut carbide, aluminum and nonferrous materials.
  • somehow silicon carbide abrasive media is also employed to cut plastic and rubbers.
  • It is majorly used in the coated industry.
  • Used in the sand blasting machine of nonferrous metals, plastic, glass, fibrous wood and enamels.
  • Used as a cutting tool through the prolific toughness and hardness of silicon carbide.
  • This abrasive media is also employed in grinding.
  • This is used with nonferrous metals, pipework, construction and welding.
  • Used in the grinding in foundry and metallurgy markets.
silicon carbide

Silicon Carbide Manufacturers in India

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