steel shots

What Are Steel Shots?

Steel shots or steel abrasives are the small micronized steel balls which are round shaped structured and generates through the process called Atomization. These are usually available in various dimensions and rigidity. Theses abrasives are used to provide a polished surface to metals comprises of paint, rust and dirt. Steel shots are commonly available in the form of shots and grits. These are capable in alteration of metal surfaces which constructs sharpness for better implementation of coating and painting.

Specification of steel shots

The specifications of steel shots are as follows-

  • Steel shots can reusable for 30 to 40 times and can be fully recycled.
  • The hardness of the steel shots can be goes up to 40-51 hrc and its density is 7.80 gm/cm.
  • The carbon present in steel shots exists only to 0.8% to 1.20%.
  • The low breakdown rate of steel shots decrease the formation of dust.
  • It has excessive bending strength and fatigue resistance.
  • Steel shots reduce the maintenance expenses of shot blasting machines.
steel shots
Steel Shots

Steel shot suppliers

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Uses and applications of steel shots

  • Cleaning and preparation the surface – Steel shots can be used to remove the unwanted material from the surface of the metal.
  • Stone cutting – Steel shot can also be used in trimming hard rocks or stones such as granite. It is used in a double-blade structure which cut off the hard material into the small pieces.
  • Shot peening – This is a process in which solid shot grits creates a continuous strike on the surface of metal. This collective collision makes the metal surface deformed but also enhances the strength of the metal.
  • Industrial use – Steel shot can be utilized in many industries as a part of their renovation, construction or repairing operation. The major sectors using steel shots are automotive, petrochemicals and construction.

Steel shots price in India

Spray Blast plays a crucial role in fulfilling the availability of steel shots at the international level but the primary objective is to provide efficient products at a reliable price. In India, the cost of steel shots varies from 50 INR to 500 INR per kilogram depending on the shape and size of steel shot. For larger intensity, price can go up to 65 INR to 100 INR per kilogram.