Abrasive Media

Chilled Iron Grit

Chilled iron Grit is a tough abrasive & parallel to aluminum oxide grit blasting, & […]​

Brass Cut Wire Shot

Brass cut wire shots are manufactured or created by good quality brass wire cutting wire […]​

Copper Cut Wire Shots

Copper cut wire shots are generally or normally applied to surface polishing, peening, and color […]​

Carbon Steel Cut Wire Shots

Carbon Steel cut wire shots are very aggressive shots that affect more as compared to […]​

Aluminum Cut Wire Shot

Aluminium Cut Wire shot is employed for the blasting, cleanup, surface finishing, and deburring of […]​

Plastic Media

Plastic Media Abrasives are used in sand blasting machine. It can provide five grades of […]​

Glass Beads

The glass bead is the abrasive media used generally in the shot blasting machine and […]​