Blast Wheel

Blast Wheel

A Blast Wheel is used in shot blasting machines. It is like the heart of the machine because it throws abrasive media onto the surface at high speed for treatment. The process can be used to clean, peen, or prepare the surface for further treatment. In this process, electrical energy is converted into kinetic energy by the sandblasting wheel, which speeds up steel shots, steel grits, or other metallic abrasives. High-speed impacts of these abrasives on surfaces remove contaminants, rust, and scales giving a clean smooth finish.

Uses of Sandblast Wheel

A wide range of industrial applications have seen the blast wheels used for surface treatment effective and efficient. Some of the main uses of blast wheel in the shot blasting machine are:

  • Surface Preparation: This is important because it ensures that surfaces are ready for painting, coating, or plating.
  • Cleaning: These remove rust, scale, and other contaminants from metal surfaces.
  • Peening: Sandblast wheel increases the mechanical properties of metal components by inducing residual compressive stresses in them.
  • Deburring: This makes the edges smooth and removes burrs on machined parts.
  • Descaling: The shot blast wheels clean off any scales formed on steel surfaces after a flame spray gun has done various heat treatment processes.
  • Shot Blasting: They are employed within foundries to clean castings and remove mold sand.
  • Texture Finishing: Sandblast wheel gives surfaces a uniform texture thus enhancing their appearance and adhesion qualities altogether.

Benefits of Using Blast Wheel

A Sand blasting machine using blast wheels has several advantages:

  • Efficiency: Surfaces are treated quickly and more comprehensively owing to high-speed blasting.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Manual labor is minimized while employing other cleaning methods hence saving on costs.
  • Consistency: The quality of parts treated by this method is enhanced since they obtain uniform finishes over all surfaces.
  • Versatility: It can be utilized with an airless shot blasting machine for various purposes from surface preparation to finishing operations; cleaning or roughening before painting.
  • Durability: They can withstand frequent usage as well and are resistant to abrasive wearing out.
  • Productivity: Accelerates the surface treatment process thereby increasing the general output.

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