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Thermal Spray Gun

thermal spray gun

thermal spray gun

Thermal spray Gun is a family of coating methods that include depositing finely divided metallic or nonmetallic elements in a molten or semi molten state to generate a coating. Powder, ceramic-rod, wire, or molten materials can all be used as coating materials.

Thermal spray Gun is portrayed as applying these coatings through one of a kind contraptions/systems through which broken down or fluid sprinkle material is pushed at high speed onto a cleaned and organized part surface…” Principle of a warm shower weapon.

Thermal Spray Gun process

The thermal spray gun process is predicated on an indistinguishable method for warming and dissolving a feedstock material, generally emitting inside the sort of powder or wire preceding accelerating it to a high velocity then, allowing the particles to strike the substrate surface.

The essential part of all thermal spray gun coatings is their lamellar grain structure coming about as a result of the fast solidifying of little globule particles, evened out from striking a virus surface at high rates.

The covering is made when various particles are put away on top of one another. These pieces are mechanical or metallurgical associated with the substrate.

There are various types of thermal spray guns available by which assorted covering of explicit materials can be covered on the substrate.

This simple device worked on the principle that if a wire rod was fed into a concentrated, intense flame (the burning of a fuel gas with oxygen), it would melt, and if the flame was surrounded by a stream of compressed gas, the molten metal would become atomized and easily propelled onto a surface to create a coating. Metallizing was the original name for this procedure. The process is currently known as oxy-fuel or flame spray gun. Wire, powder (metallic and ceramic), molten metal, ceramic-rod, explosion, and high velocity oxy-fuel are some of the other oxy-fuel processes (HVOF gun).

Electrical currents are utilized in addition to chemical techniques to plasticize the input consumables. Electrical energy is typically utilized to create a heat source into which powder and, more recently, wires are fed, melted/plasticized, and transmitted onto the surface to be coated. Non-transferred arc plasma, RF plasma, and wire arc spray gun are three major commercially used electrical processes for coating construction.

The advantages of Thermal spray Gun Coating

Diminished Cost. The cost of fixing the part is a more unobtrusive total than buying a replacement one. Regularly, the covering truly perseveres through longer than the essential material used.

Low Heat Input. Among specific avoidances, the warm spray process drops the part’s warm past alone.

Adaptability. Essentially any metal, earth, or plastic is every now and again thermally sprayed.

Thickness Range. Dependent upon the surface and spray system, coatings are as often as possible sprayed from 0.001 to extremely 1 inch thick. The thickness routinely goes from 0.005-0.1 inch.

Dealing with Speed. The spray rates range from 3-60 lb/hr relying upon the surface and in this manner the spray system. Standard rates for material application are 1/2 – 2 lb of surface for each square foot per 0.01-inch thickness.

Different kinds of thermal spray Gun process 

       Wire flame spray Gun Coating

       Powder flame spray Gun Coating

       Electric Arc wire spray Gun Coating

       High Velocity oxy-fuel (HVOF) spray Gun Coating


Flame spray gun is a version of the thermal spray gun procedure in which the metallic element to be sprayed is molten. In the wire flame spray technique, the wire spray material is mixed in a vaporous oxygen-fuel fire. The fuel gas can be acetylene, propane, or hydrogen. The wire is taken care of ceaselessly into the fire through air turbine in hardware, where it is liquefied and sprayed by the expansion of packed air that additionally coordinates the dissolved material towards the workpiece surface.


Powder flame spray gun is a thermal spray process that uses powder as the material to be sprayed. The powder Flame spray procedure uses self-movement blends in powder plan as its showering materials and oxygen or acetylene as its hotness source. Self-movement compounds incorporate mixtures with a low dissolving period of around 1,000℃, containing nickel or conceivably cobalt as the base metal, and boron and silicon as its fluxing materials.

After the sprinkled covering shows up at the predefined thickness, it’s applied to consolidate treatment to disguise open pores and designs a combination layer with the substrate, which gives high adhesiveness like welding. Embedding and setting process, the covering puts a solid layer of borides and carbide, which joins phenomenal wear assurance from the covering. Regardless of those components, the covering has astounding security from the utilization of most manufactured courses of action, deterioration and cavitation crumbling, and hot hardness credits.


Electric arc spraying is a thermal spray process. In the electric wire arc spray gun coating procedure, 2 wires of the material turned on the power at the spout of spraying weapon square measure dense with short circuited circular segment, then, the dissolved materials square measure fine-grained and showered onto the themes with compacted gas. Electric curve spraying and fire spraying square measure together are known as wire processes. All metals and mixes in wire kind square measure out there for circular segment spraying material.

4)High Velocity oxy-fuel (HVOF) spray Coating

– High-Velocity Oxygen Fuel (HVOF) covering, a warm shower covering strategy used to improve or restore a section’s surface properties or estimations, in this way widening instrumentation life by altogether growing crumbling and wear check, and disintegration affirmation.

Fluid or semi-fluid materials locale unit showered onto the surface by the heat(high temp.), the rapid gas stream, delivering a thick sprinkle covering which may be ground to a horribly high surface end.

The use of the HVOF gun coating system permits the machine of covering materials like metals, mixes, and ceramic creation to supply a covering of phenomenal hardness, remarkable connection to the substrate material, and giving strong wear resistance and utilization security.

Thermal Spray Gun Price

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