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Shot blasting machine

A Shot Blasting Machine is a way of smoothing and cleaning a hard surface by forcing solid particles on the surface of the workpiece at high speeds by using compressed air from the air compressor.

With aggressive blasting, the sand moved against the surface. With Shot blasting, on the other hand, steel shots or glass beads are propelled or moved against a texture. The beads are often made of stainless steel, copper, aluminum, or zinc. In this case, all of these metals are harder than sand, making shot blasting even more effective than its aggressive blasting equivalent.

Portable Abrasive Blasting Machine is a machine that can be movable from one place to another and blasting work can be done easily.

Pressure blasting is also called a portable machine. A pressure blasting cabinet uses a pressurized vessel (portable machine) filled with abrasive media, which is then forced through the blast nozzle.

What is Shot Blasting?

Shot blasting is a resurfacing procedure for concrete, metal, and other industrial surfaces that removes trash and imperfections. Shot blasting is comparable to sand blasting, however, it differs in terms of execution and effectiveness.

Shot blasting is a technique that uses a centrifugal blast wheel to fire high-velocity material, such as steel shot, onto a surface. This removes trash and other particles from the surface. Steel shot, chopped wire, and nutshells are among the shot media that go into a hopper that feeds the blast wheel. Almost anything, from rust to epoxy, can be “blasted” away with the media.

Shot blasting is used to prepare surfaces as well as to clean them. Before painting or coating, a floor or other surface shot blasting is an effective and efficient approach to actually smooth it out.

With an industry-exclusive modular head system, we provide a range of shot blasting equipment that is built for ease of use and maintenance. Any queries you may have concerning shot blasting equipment or the shot blasting process can be answered by contacting us.

Spare Parts of Shot Blasting Machine

1Set containing total no. of wheel blades used in the shot blasting machine8 Set
2Control cage of shot blasting machine6 Nos
3End liner shot blasting machine14 Nos
4Topliner shot blasting machine6 Nos
5Impeller shot blasting machine6 Nos
6Hub side liner (LH) shot blasting machine6 Nos
7Hub side liner (RH) shot blasting machine6 Nos
8Control cage side liner (LH) shot blasting machine6 Nos
9Control cage side liner (RH) shot blasting machine6 Nos
10Wheel casing shot blasting machine1 Nos
11Bare wheel shot blasting machine2 Nos
12Wheel hub shot blasting machine2 Nos
13Set containing total no. of Mn tiles installed in shot blasting machine1 Set
14Set containing total no. of dust collecting bags installed in the shot blasting machine2 Set
15Endless conveyor belt for shot blasting machine2 Nos

Types of Shot Blasting Machines available are:

Working of Shot Blasting Machine

To begin, the shot blasting machine’s hopper is entirely filled with Abrasive (garnet, glass beads, aluminum oxide, and so on) according to the requirements. The abrasive air compressor valve is manually opened after the hopper is entirely filled. The air begins to travel from the air compressor to the air filter, where it is filtered and moisture is eliminated. Another source of air is delivered directly to the hopper, where a mushroom ball is utilized to create pressure inside the hopper.

Air flows from the Air Filter to the Remote Control, which is used to turn on and off the air supply. When the supply is turned on, air continues to flow from the Net Realizable Valve (NRV), which controls the amount of air supplied and prevents air from returning. Pinch Valve receives air from NRV. A pinch valve is a two-way valve used to control or cut off the abrasive flow. The pinch valve receives abrasive from the hopper’s high pressure.

Then there’s the Mixing Tube, which is where air and abrasive are mixed. One end of the hose is attached to a mixing tube, while the other is connected to a nozzle. This high-pressure mixture of air and abrasive flows through the hose and out the nozzle onto the workpiece to be blasted.

Main Components of Shot Blasting Machine

Abrasives Used in Shot Blasting Machine

Application of Shot Blasting Machine

Advantages of Shot Blasting Machine

Shot Blasting Machine Manufacturer in India

We are the leading Shot Blasting Machine Manufacturer in India and all over the world and supply shot blasting equipment in all countries. Our mass production increases quality and decreases shot blasting machine price. Shot Blasting equipment differs from sand blasting machines, because sand blasting machine is operated by an air compressor, and the shot blasting machine is operated by a shot blaster wheel.


A centrifugal blast wheel blasts media, such as steel shot, at high velocity onto a surface during the shot blasting process. This removes trash and other particles from the surface. Steel shot, chopped wire, and nut shells are among the shot media that go into a hopper that feeds the blast wheel.

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