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Copper Slag

Copper Slag

Copper Slag is basically a by-product produced during the process of smelting in copper extraction. During the process of extracting pure copper, the impurities which float on the surface of molten metal are referred to as copper Slag. Then the copper slag grits that are quenched in water produce angular granules which are further used as a medium of abrasive surface blasting. Copper slag abrasive has an almost high density as compared to coal slag, it can blast faster with a greater amount of pressure and the most impressive thing is that we can reclaim it again and again.

The copper slag grit is CARB-approved. As per the research copper slag grit in copper slag blasting is not having any hazardous effect on the environment and thus it is more sustainable for the entire environment. The mode in which the surface is cleaned using copper slag grits is referred to as grit blasting machine. This grit blasting is basically used to remove the dirt, rust, old coating, from the surface of metals. The process of copper slag blasting is quite a substantial process as per the present scenario as it helps in the consumption of copper grit slags which were otherwise a waste product.

The process of grit blasting is extensively optimized as this provides us the maximum efficiency and helps us to achieve an efficient cleaner product with less investment of material.

Specifications of Copper Slag Grit

Hardness6.0–7.0 Mohs
Bulk Density100–120 lbs./cu. ft.
Specific Gravity3.4 g/cc
Packaging TypeBox, Bag
Usage/ApplicationShot Blasting / Sand Blasting
GradeChemical Grade
Minimum Order Quantity100 Metric Ton
Nozzle Pressure90–110 PSI
Working Distance From Surface18–36 Inches
Medium3.5–5.0 mils
Fine2.0–3.5 mils
Extra Fine1–2.5 mils

Copper Slag Price in India

We offer copper slag grit, glass beads, and all types of abrasive media for sand blasting at a low price in India

Copper Slag Grit is a granulated slag obtained during the copper smelting process that is used as an abrasive sand blasting material.

Grit granulations range from 0.2 to 2.8 mm, depending on the needs of the customer.

Because of the increased grit abrasiveness, kinetic energy, hardness, and superior recycling qualities, grit is utilized instead of quartz sand, which makes the sand blasting process cheaper and more environmentally beneficial.

Copper Slag Grit Benefits

Due to its high density, Copper Slag Grit distinguishes it from lightweight blasting. These are the following Benefits of Copper Slag Grit:

Applications of Copper Slag Grit

Copper Slag Grit Manufacturer in India

For blasting, we deliver copper slag, which helps to boost output. In Jodhpur, Rajasthan, we are the No.1 copper slag manufacturer. We also lower the amount of slag consumed. Our system creates copper slag grit from metallurgical slags while also allowing for rapid blast cleaning.

We manufacturers focus on providing the best services to fulfill the needs of our customers at a reasonable copper slag price using cutting-edge technology. We also offer sand blasting machine, grit blasting machine, shot blasting machine, thermal spray gun, dust collectors, plastic abrasive, blast room, cut wire shots, & glass beads in India at low prices with the best quality.

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