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Sheet Rolling Machine

Sheet Rolling Machine

The sheet rolling machine is also known as a plate rolling machine.  A plate rolling machine and sheet rolling machine is used to make a cylinder out of a square sheet. They bend stainless steel and basic steel, as well as aluminium, copper, and zinc, for steel and tank building, HVAC and ventilation construction, metalworking and roofing, and industrial mass manufacturing. Shot Blasting Machine provides both manual and hydraulic four-roller plate rolling machines with NC and CNC controls for this purpose.

We offer sheet roller machines and plate rolling machines, both of which are ideal for the sheet metal industry. These are available in a variety of variants, each with unique characteristics developed to fulfill the needs of various industrial workshops. These machines are also built to withstand the weight of work materials. The structure of the Plate Rolling Machine is unquestionably sturdy, allowing it to survive bending operations when a heavier work material load is fed. The components are comprised of heavy-duty manufactured steel, which allows for longer performance and durability with minimal maintenance, as well as the capacity to endure strain during overloads. Manual sheet rolling machine is hand-operated, yet they provide good control options for achieving machining precision.

Specification of Sheet Rolling Machine

Automatic GradeAutomatic, Semi-Automatic, Manual, Semi-Automatic, Manual
Bending MaterialPipe, Bar, Plate, Tube, Roll, Bar, Plate, Tube, Roll
Power SourceElectric, Hydraulic, Mechanical, Hydraulic, Mechanical
MaterialCarbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Iron
Max Bending Radius0-50 mm, 50-100 mm, 100-150 mm, 150-200 mm, 200-250 mm, Any

A sheet rolling machine, also known as a sheet metal roller bender, is a type of metalworking machine that allows sheet metal to be bent. This three-shaft manually powered roller bender is used to bend sheet metal and other metal pieces into circular shapes. A sheet roller machine is also known as a sheet metal bender machine, roller bender, or bending machine.

The universal forming equipment for rolling sheet metal plate into the cylinder, cone, curved, and other shapes is known as a sheet roller machine, also known as a plate bender machine.

The metal sheet plate produces continuous plastic deformation to acquire the predetermined shape of the workpiece according to the principle of a three-point forming circle, which is based on the relative position change and rotating motion of the working roller.

The boiler, shipbuilding, chemical, metal structure, and equipment sectors all employ this sort of manual or automated sheet metal roller bender machine.

Types of Sheet Rolling Machine

There are various types of Sheet Rolling or plate bending machines available, each with its own set of applications. Plate rolling machines are classified as three-roller or four-roller based on the number of rollers. A symmetrical three-roller bending machine, a horizontal downward-adjusting three-roller bending machine, an arc downward-adjusting plate bending machine, an upper roller universal three-roller bending machine, and a hydraulic bending machine are the different types of three-roller bending machines.

Three roll Sheet Rolling Machine

Three roll sheet/plate roller machine: A symmetrical three-roll sheet rolling machine, an asymmetrical three-roll plate rolling machine, a horizontal downregulating three-roll plate roll machine, an inclined to downregulate three-roll sheet rolling machine, an arc downregulating three-roll plate rolling machine, and a vertical downregulating three-roll plate rolling machine are all examples of three-roll plate rolling machines.

Four roll Sheet Rolling Machine

There are two types of four-roll sheet rolling machines: four-roll plate rolling machines with side roll tilt adjustment and four-roll plate rolling machines with side roll arc adjustment. Vertical plate rolling machine, marine plate rolling machine, double roll plate rolling machine, cone plate rolling machine, multi-roll plate rolling machine, and multi-purpose plate rolling machine, among others.

Applications of Sheet Rolling Machine

Sheet Rolling Machine price

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Sheet Rolling Machine for sale

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