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Dry Ice Blasting Machine

Dry Ice Blasting Machine

Dry Ice Blasting Machine

Dry Ice Blasting Machine is a nonabrasive cleaning Machine that uses CO2 Ice pellets as an impact medium for removing surface impurities without the use of chemicals, abrasive materials, high temperatures, or steam. After impact on the surface, the solid pellets dissolve instantly, leaving no solid behind. Cleaning surfaces, removing paint, and removing pollutants from a surface are all possible applications for this approach. Dry ice blasting, unlike other blast cleaning methods, does not accumulate contaminants in the waste stream, reducing the amount of secondary waste that needs to be disposed of significantly. Dry Ice Blasting Machine is also known as Dry Ice Cleaning Machine.

Cleaning polluted surfaces with dry ice blasting is a highly effective and environmentally safe procedure. Many industries, including automotive, manufacturing, and the food business, adopt the method. Dry ice blasting is a process that necessitates a considerable amount of compressed air, which is one of the most expensive kinds of energy used in industry today. During the blasting, compressed air (air with a high pressure and volume) accelerates the dry ice particles. Our study provides a complete overview of cost-cutting techniques that can significantly reduce blasting energy intensity. Dry ice blasting technology consists of four main components: a compressor (compressed air generator), a blasting machine, pellet delivery, and a sand blasting nozzle.

Dry Ice Blasting Machine Process

Pellet kinetic energy, thermal shock effect, and thermal kinetic effect are the three main reasons CO2 dry ice blasting ( dry ice Cleaning ) Machine works. by integrating these forces and adjusting: optimizes blast performance for each application

Dry Ice Blasting Machine Working

Dry-ice blasting Machine is unique sand blasting Machine technique that is noted for its excellent efficiency and environmental friendliness. Thermal shock and pneumatic effect are two variables that contribute to the method’s success. The impact of dry ice particles crushes the surface contamination, which then suffers thermal shock due to the large temperature difference (dry ice temperature is 79°C), causing it to separate from the surface. Furthermore, the jet stream/ice grit’s high velocity effectively scrubs loose material away. Dry ice particles convert to gas and sublimate completely into the environment shortly after being released. The substrate surface is undisturbed by the non-abrasive nature of the procedure, while surface impurities are eliminated.

Dry ice is usually delivered to the sand blasting hose from a container on the Sand Blasting Machine. Simultaneously, compressed air creates negative pressure, softly leading the dry ice particles from the tank to the gun, while a highly efficient jet system accelerates the mixture to a speed of around 300 m/s.

Dry Ice Blasting Machine Applications

For a number of reasons, solvents, sand blasting, and a few other cleaning procedures have been proven to be inferior to dry ice blasting. A wide range of industries can benefit from dry ice blasting applications, which provide considerable value. CO2 blasting has unique benefits for several of the sectors listed below, in addition to the general benefits indicated.

Dry Ice Blasting Machine price

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