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Remote Control Valve

remote control valve

remote control valve

The Remote Control Valve system is used by a single abrasive blasting machine operator for beginnings up to and shutting down the Sand Blasting Machine. The remote-control valve system comprises a remote-control valve and DMH (deadman handle), which are connected by a twin tube.

The Dead man handle controls which give the air signal to the remote command valve for activation of the abrasive media the deactivation of the abrasive blasting pot. When the dead man handle is activated, the blasting process begins, when the handle is released the blast cleaning process stops. this allows the suction blasting machine to the carried out at a distance from the blasting pot and by a single operator. it plays a very important role in the remote control valve.

The Remote Control valves are pneumatically controlled. One stream of air runs down the outbound side of the dual-line and escapes via a hole situated under the lever if the operator does not press the deadman handle. The input valve, which is normally closed, remains closed, while the output valve, which is normally open, remains open. The sand blasting machine deactivates when the user releases the RC handle, terminating air and abrasive flow via the sand blasting nozzle.

RCV Remote Control Valve 

The RCV remote control valve is used to control the compressed air flow to the Sand blasting machine as well as the air blow-out from the machine. When the abrasive blasting operator presses or releases the DMH handle, both control functions are active at the same time. A damper, which is included in the delivery set, is used to bleed air from the tank.

When the DMH handle is pushed, the RCV remote control valve reacts. The abrasive blast cleaning process begins after the blast machine’s tank is pressurised. The RCV remote control valve closes when the DMH handle is released, the abrasive blast cleaning operation stops, and the machine’s tank depressurizes.

Remote Control Valve Working

The remote control valve is a completely pneumatic air control or command for remote activation and deactivation of the abrasive media in blasting pot. When the dead man handle is activated the blast, process begins when the dead man handle is activated in the blasting process begins start when the handle is released the blasting cleaning process can stop and the system exhaust air from the vessel to allow for filling of abrasive media to the portable blasting cleaning pot.

The remote-control valve often referred to as a dead man switch, is the trigger for the remote-control valves system. When the operator releases the remote-control valve, sandblasting machine deactivates, stopping air and abrasive blasting media flow through the The remote-controls valve operates pneumatically.

If the operator is not pressing the dead man handle or switch, one stream of air travels down the outbound side of the twin line and escapes through an opening situated under the lever. Normally, the closed inlet valve remains closed, and generally the open outlet valve remains open.

When the dead man handle (DMH) lever is pressed, the opening is sealed, and air in the outer line returns through the inner line to open the inlet valve and close the outlet valve. This action pressurizes or forces on the portable blasting machines to start the blasting process. Realizing the dead man handle (DMH) puts the machine in exhaust mode, which closes the inlet valve, and opens the outlet valve to depressurize the portable blasting machine and stop the blasting. Pneumatic remote controls valve work great in blasting operations with blasting hose lengths less than 100 feet.

Remote Control Valve Model RM 1 Specification:

27CM10 CM0.8 M2670 G

Remote Control Model RM 2 Specifications :

Length27 cm
Width9.5 cm
Weight4409 g
Thickness0.8 cm

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