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Bench Top Abrasive Blasting Cabinet

Bench Top Abrasive Blasting Cabinet

Bench Top Abrasive Blasting Cabinet

Bench top abrasive blasting cabinet or sand blasting cabinet is used to rust, corrosion removal, smooth the rough surfaces of metals and non-metals. Abrasive blasting (sand blasting machine) is used to clean or shape a surface using sand material known as abrasive blasting cabinet which is propelled using high pressure typically through compressed air or blast wheel. It is easily moveable from one place to another and does the blasting in a cabinet. it is a small type machine which mostly he goldsmiths used for shinny the gold or silver products by doing the blasting.

The bench top abrasive blasting cabinet performs it easy to remove paint, rust, and other trash from small parts. The full circle design of this bench top abrasive blaster and sand blasting cabinet  holds all abrasive blasting media safely contained inside. The side door opening provides or supplies the loading of bigger work pieces. Large 16-1/2 in the high work area is ideal for working or blasting with larger work pieces. Includes abrasive media blasting gun by ceramic nozzles, hose, and 12 in. long rubber gloves. Dust collector is ready which needs 1 HP or larger compressor. 3/8 in the supply or provide hose is sold separately.

This bench top abrasive blasting cabinet has a 19″ (inches) wide x 10-3/4″ tall or height of a window is for good visibility. Include in abrasive media blasting gun with ceramic tips, the built-in fluorescent lamp also sealed glove ports. The air pressure requirement is 100 PSI. Overall size of bench top blasting cabinet is 27-1/2″ wide x 24″ high x 22-1/2″ depth. Measures approximately 56 lbs weight.

The bench top sand blast cabinet is an open bench top abrasive blasting cabinet that is ideal for a wide variety of removing paint, scale, iron mold, and oxidation. LDPE is stands for Low-density polyethylene polymer plastic that converts into outlast steel Sand blasting cabinet. One-piece construction means there are no seams to leak, keeping the blasting operation contained inside the cabinet. Inside work area of 22” in. wide x 12” in. height x 18” in. diameter to provide a large variety of items.

Includes trigger-controlled blast gun with 1/4” in. nozzle 18” in. rubber blast gloves also protective window underlay. Simply add the abrasive blasting media add or plus hook up to an air supply or provides furthermore you are ready to blast. Some small regular assembly is required.

Features of Bench top Abrasive Blasting Cabinet:

Application of Bench Top Blasting Cabinet : 

Cleaning little items needs more finesse, precision, and work. Because the surface area of larger products is larger, cleaning them is really easier. Many sandblast guns are capable of handling enormous objects, but what about small but intricate objects, such as a shot blasting cabinet? A sand blasting cabinet is a multi-purpose machine that cleans small items for you. Small objects or work parts are blasted. The bench top blasting can be used. It may be simply moved from one location to another and blasts in a cabinet. It is a little machine that is usually used by goldsmiths to gleam gold or silver objects.

Bench Top Abrasive Blasting Cabinet in India

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