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Tumblast Shot Blasting Machine

Tumblast Type Shot Blasting Machine

Tumblast shot blasting machine has a rubber belt or the metallic belt is driven by the rollers with The help of the suitable bearing and the geared motor, and the supporting structure. The belt is tensioned by the roller and the tension rod due to the tension the rubber belt is transformed in the shape of the cupped shape and the dimension is 20x 27 inches and as well as 27x 36 inches. The blast wheel is located at the top of the chamber with the complete blast wheel assembly with the soundabrator valve and the feed pipe.

A Dust collector system is provided at the backside of the machine with an efficient motor and pleated dust bags are arranged in such a manner that the minimum to the minimum area is covered. A bucket elevator is provided for the abrasive recovery system and in the suction type and pressure type abrasive is recovered by gravity.

This type of machine is a small component and where the bulk mass production is present this type of machine is used generally it is used in the nut bolt small rod and round shape shot blasted.

Type of Tumblast Shot Blasting Machine:

The equipment will be provided with one turbine wheel for blasting. The position shall be so arranged at an angle as to ensure requisite coverage of components in the tumble drum. The wheel shafts will run on dust-proof ball bearings of standard make. The turbine wheels will be dynamically balanced with a locking arrangement of blades. a 15 HP electric motor will be used to drive the blasting wheel.

Specifications of Tumblast shot blasting machine

The parts of the wheel coming in contact with grits/shots will conform to the following:

HP of Blast wheel7.5 HP
Blast wheel size12.5” x 2½”
The flow rate of abrasive160 – 180 kg/min
Flow Velocity of abrasivemax. 80 m/sec
Blade hardness64-66 HRC, a self-locking type blade
Impeller/Accelerators52-56 HRC
Control Cage52-56 HRC
Drive Shaft: EN –353 duly heat treated

The dust collector will be of wear-resistant design of suitable thickness of steel sheet and capacity. The exhaust fan will be made of sturdy steel sheet construction of suitable thickness, not less than 3 mm. The exhaust fan  (impeller) will be statically and dynamically balanced. The Dust collector will be a filter bag type dust collector with a motorized bag shaking arrangement to dislodge the dust for bags into the tray. The bag shaking arrangement will automatically operate periodically through a timer to dislodge the dust. Dust collector’s ducting and cabinet will be of sturdy fabricated construction with MS sheet, suitably reinforced to combine strength and utility.

The overall dimension of the cabinet is to enhance efficiency. The dust collector cabinet will be fabricated from 2 mm thick (minimum) steel sheets.

Exhaust Fan Motor3 HP
Filter Capacities1200 CFM
TypeFabric Bag
Number of Bags16
Size of Filter Bags165 mm (dia.) X 1800mm (length)
Material of Filter BagsNon-woven Polyester
Temperature (Max. operating)70º C
Bag Cleaning SystemMotorized bag shaking
DischargeTo dust tray
Vent FanK – Type industrial exhauster Motor
Power3 HP

The control panel will be ergonomically designed and will be a separate unit located at a suitable position near the machine for the easy approach of the operator. It will have the necessary safety interlocking and emergency stop. All the electrical components/materials used in the control panel and equipment will be of standard make.

The interlocking in Tumblast Shot Blasting Machine :

A hydro/pneumatic/motorized loader will be provided. The maximum load capacity of the loader will be 300 kg per batch. Jobs to be blasted can be loaded manually on the loader. The loader will operate and will place the jobs in the tumblast for blasting. The construction of the loader will be robust to handle the prescribed load. It will have all safety interlocking with the machine such that the loader will operate only when the cabinet is open.

Type of LoaderMotorized
Maximum Work Load Weight80 KG
Standard Box Dimensions535mm x 840mm
Standard Box Height380 mm
Drive Unit Power1.1 kW

Advantages of Tumblast Shot Blasting Machine

Optional accessories of Tumblast Shot Blasting Machine

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