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dust collector

Dust Collector collects dust patterns from the air and separates fresh air from the dust. After Sand /Shot /Grit /Abrasive Blasting, some particles of media get destroyed and dust is produced which creates problems for the worker, like he is not able to see the workpiece, can cause health problems like breathing problems, etc. For preventing this problem dust collectors are used which collect all dust from the chamber.

Specifications of Dust Collector

MaterialStainless Steel
Frequency50 Hz

Types of Dust Collector

Twin Cyclone Dust Collectors

The Cyclone Dust Collector is used in companies or factories that produce a lot of harmful gasses or have a lot of air outlets. Due to the effect of the centrifugal force caused by the high-rate circular flow of air, these dust collectors could spin at a very high speed. The dust particles are thrown against the cyclone system’s wall by centrifugal force.

Twin Cyclone Collectors area unit designed to realize high mud assortment efficiencies at air mass drops. we are able to satisfy the foremost demanding pollution management laws and/or product recovery necessities.

Our Cyclones incorporate volute or tangential water. assortment potency depends on several factors like operative pressure drop, cyclone barrel diameter, variety of gas turns, gas density, gas viciousness, gas inlet/outlet velocities, mud particle density, water mud loadings, mud particle size analysis, saltation rate, and overall cyclone dimensions.

For economical system style and operation, it’s conjointly necessary to think about mud characteristics like viscousness, abrasive, friability, explosiveness, etc. also as airflow fluctuations, corrosion issues, temperature, and structural style of the instrumentation.

Our engineers can provide the foremost appropriate configuration counting on your potency necessities and area limitations.

Twin Cyclones area unit offered in steel, chrome steel, or high alloy construction.

Single, twin, and quad arrangements area units are offered as normal configurations. Special arrangements are equipped to satisfy your plant layouts. Our common mud hoppers and outlet plenums area units are customized to suit every application.

Cyclone Separator

A parallel bank of high-efficiency tiny diameter cyclone tubes is organized to attain dust/particulate assortment efficiencies up to ninety-fifths on 5-micron size. If needed for top temperature & high wet conditions multi Cyclone area unit is specially made & offered.

Accessories like Rotary air-lock valves, screw conveyors, or ID fans area units created out there within the customary vary.

Recommended for: Pollution management in cement/Bauxite process, Boilers, kilns, shot blasting, cupolas, fine dirt management on an application involving high-temperature wet & giant flow

Twin Cyclone Used in Thermal Spray Coating

Twin Cyclone Type dust collector is mostly used in Thermal spray coating plants outside the booth, to collect high-density fumes generated at the time of spraying coating onto the workpieces.

When we are coating the workpiece. The fumes of coated material are generated at high rates. To remove all these fumes we are using a Twin Cyclone dust collector, having more suction capacity than usual. The density of coated material fumes is high, which isn’t collected by a single type of cyclone. So we are using Twin cyclone-type dust collectors.

Fabric Bag Dust Collector

Individual bags are supported by a metal cage within the fabric bag that is linked to a cell plate at the top of the bag filter in the fabric bag dust collector. Dirty gas enters the bag filter from the bottom and passes from the outside to the inside of the bags. The metal cage keeps the bag filter from collapsing.

Reverse Pulse Jet Pleated Filter Dust Collector

The Reverse Pulse Jet Pleated Filter Dust Collector is a dust collection system that is commonly used in businesses and factories. To remove dust from the Pleated Filter bag dust collector, high-pressure air blasting is used. The blasting air penetrates the top of the Pleated Filter bag tube, halting the flow of filthy air for the time being. A wave of expansion travels through the pleated filter bag due to the instantaneous collapse of air. The dust block that has formed over the pleated filter is shattered and released or broken as the bag flexes.

Features of Dust Collector

Dust Collector Manufacturer in India

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