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Sand Blasting Room

Sand Blasting room

Sand Blasting room

Sand Blasting Room

Sand blasting room used to remove old paint by using sand blasting machine, it delivers a balanced environment for surface treatment yet of outdoor weather situations. Sand Blasting booth is made of the metallic chamber of ms sheet of 10,12,14,16,18 gauge. Sand Blasting room is for the blasting of the large element and within the blast booth cyclone, type dust collector is for the suction of the dust from the blast room.

Blast room additionally is good for the surroundings because the fresh air is out from the cyclone kind dust collector A blast room is a miles large model of a blast cabinet. Blast operator’s paintings in the room, abrasive blasting the surfaces of gadgets to fulfill the wishes of the completed product.

The enclosure or room – A sand blast room is an enclosure designed to remain sealed to prevent blast media from escaping. In the blast room abrasive media is likewise recovered from the screw conveyor and through the bucket elevator and through the reclaimer after which into the transportable kind blasting gadget portable kind blasting device has the blasting hose and the sand blasting nozzle.


1. Steel chamber

2. Portable type sand blasting Machine

3. Cyclone type dust collector

4. Screw conveyor

5. Bucket elevator

In the sand blasting room, the most important benefit is the healing device, and the dust collection device is provided within the plant some of the abrasives is the high priced so they may be recovered and environment pleasant The screw conveyor is fashioned in the pit for the blast room height isn’t accelerated a number of the sand blast room is use the media of the nonmetallic so in this type, we ought to give vacuum recuperation system in the vacuum healing machine there is the port within the base within the blast room for the healing.

Screw conveyor is fabricated from the ms pipe and the sheet and screw frights the screw frights are manufactured from the hight electricity ms metallic after which is hooked up to the equipment field and the motor and at the top of the screw conveyor grating is furnished Bucket elevator is fabricated from the ms sheet and the pulley and the rubber belt and buckets the buckets are made of the ms and some of the p.V.C. And on the pinnacle of the bucket elevator, there may be the equipment container and the motor for the drive the unit

Sand blasting Booth for sale (Blast Booths or Abrasive Blasting rooms) provides the correct restrained surroundings for an abrasive blasting operation of highly huge pieces or for high-productivity sand blasting. Abrasive blast booths are a secure and powerful manner to prepare your steel for completion. By using an abrasive blast booth, your business can shop time, cash, and the environment by way of getting better and recycling abrasive materials time and time again.

Abrasive Blasting Machine is used for casting off mill scale, a prior coating (paint), and rust from a steel aspect so it could be restored or re-lined. Abrasive blasting will blend the floor for an even texture. we provide the blast room feature that the inter searching system we don’t use the attitude channel helping gadget that is for the easily collect and disassemble for port the blast room from one area to every other region  In the cyclone type dust collector it creates the suction inside the blast room so it sucks the all dirt from the blast room and then it goes into the dust tray.

Fabric bag type dust bag is supplied for the storing the dirt came outdoor the blast room Some times there use the plated bag dust collector is likewise used for the non-steel media that are paintings on the opposite pules jet principle use of the solenoid valve and header.

Benefits of a Sand blasting Booth

Blasting permits new coatings to adhere to surfaces better by eliminating rust, old coatings, and other surface components. Blast cleaning is environmentally beneficial, eliminates chemical disposal expenses, decreases dangerous chemical exposure, and allows businesses to plan production around the weather, time of day, and other surrounding activities and processes. This adaptable technique can also save money; in fact, one blast facility can pay for itself in less than a year.

Sand blasting Room for sale

Shot blasting machine is the leading manufacturer of Sand blasting room, shot blasting room, Sand blasting booth for sale. Many sizes and material-preparation criteria apply to abrasive blasting booths. The size and weight of the largest workpiece, the material handling method large sand blasting booth, the hours spent blasting, and the base materials are all things to consider. In addition, four to five feet must be added to the width and length of the room, depending on the size of the greatest workpiece. The greatest workpiece also determines the room’s height, but material handling plays a crucial impact in this.

Sand blasting Room in India

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