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Powder feeders that are stand-alone can be added to any existing thermal spray system with up to 6 feeders. Due to the use of a Plasma or HVOF gun, hoppers with a capacity of 5L or 1.5L are available in a variety of configurations.

Our well-proven and dependable gravity wheel feeding system is designed to run quietly and without pulsating. A pulsing-free feed rate of 2g per minute is possible because of the highly precise metering mechanism. The clear sand blasting hopper makes it simple to see how much power is remaining within. When a low power level is reached, an extra sensor will alert the operator in a timely manner. Calibration of the powder feed rate is simple when used in conjunction with the PLC.

Specifications of Powder Feeders

Feeding Speed30
Usage/ApplicationPowder Coating
Particle SizeFine
Country of OriginMade in India
Minimum Order Quantity1 Piece

Working of Powder Feeders

In terms of performance and versatility, the powder feeder is unrivaled. On the control panel, there is a huge digital display that shows powder wheel speed, maintenance, and total run time. The powder is kept warm by a set-temperature heater blanket to avoid moisture absorption, and the canister has a pressure rating of up to 90 psi / 621 kPa.

The feeder works on the basis of a constant volumetric supply. A powder carrier disc with a slotted wheel placed off-center with regard to the canister is located at the bottom of the pressurized canister. An inert carrier gas, such as nitrogen, feeds the powder into the powder hose and subsequently to the thermal spray gun when the disc rotates past the output port. The powder feed rate is proportional to the rpm of the powder disc, which is adjusted via the front panel.

Features of Powder Feeder

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Powder Feeder Manufacturers in India

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