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Metalizing Spray gun

Metalizing Spray Gun

Metalizing Spray Gun

Metalizing Gun

Metalizing Spray gun is a combination of film coating strategies in which finely disseminated metallic or nonmetallic components are gathered in a liquid or semi-liquid state to frame a coating. The Metalizing gun film coating component might be a powder as a ceramic pole, liquid materials, zinc wire for the process of thermal spray coating.

Metalizing Spray gun

Metalizing spray gun process is predicated on an identical technique for warming and dissolving a feedstock material, ordinarily inside the kind of  Thermal Spray powder or Thermal spray wire prior to speeding up it to a high speed then, at that point, permitting the particles to strike the substrate surface.

The fundamental steel grit abrasives component of all Metallizing gun coatings is their lamellar grain structure coming about because of the quick cementing of little globule particles, smoothed from striking a cold surface at high speeds as such with tunnel type shot blasting machine.

The coating is made when numerous particles are saved on top of each other. These pieces are mechanical or metallurgical connected to the substrate.

There are different kinds of Metallizing guns accessible by which diverse coating of specific materials can be covered on the substrate.

Benefits of Metalizing Gun equipment 

Types of Metalizing Gun


Wire Flame spray gun is a metalizing procedure that utilizes an oxygen-fuel gas fire as a hotness hotspot for liquefying the wire (coating material). Here, Compressed air is employed for atomizing and propelling the material to the workpiece. The strategy for fire showering utilizing wire is known as metalizing or wire flame spray gun.


The powder flame spray gun strategy utilizes self-transition combinations in powder design as its showering materials and oxygen or acetylene as its hotness source. Self-motion compounds include composites with a low liquefying season of around 1,000℃, containing nickel and additionally cobalt as the base metal, and boron and silicon as its fluxing materials. After the splashed coating arrives at the predefined thickness, it’s applied to intertwine treatment to conceal open pores and structures a compound layer with the substrate, which gives high adhesiveness like welding. Injecting and solidifying process, the coating puts a strong layer of borides and carbide, which joins phenomenal wear protection from the coating. Notwithstanding those highlights, the coating has exceptional protection from consumption of most substance arrangements, disintegration and cavitation disintegration, and hot hardness attributes.


 In the electric arc spray gun coating strategy, 2 wires of the material turned on the power at the spout of showering Electric Arc Spray Gun square measure condensed with a short-circuited curve, then, at that point, the melted materials square measure fine-grained and splashed onto the topics with packed gas. Electric circular segment splashing and fire showering square measure together known as wire processes. All metals and combinations in wire kind square measure out there for bend showering material.


The plasma arc spray gun coating strategy includes splashing a substrate with softened or semi-liquid material to make an intense coating that ensures against oxidization and consumption wear brought about by natural and usable conditions. The coatings are thick and incredible, making plasma coating positive opportunities for hardware assurance and restoring.

Plasma splash coatings are applied to utilize a high-temperature technique that includes infusing fine coating material into a plasma fire. The texture is quickly warmed thus sped up toward the substrate. When it arrives at the surface it starts to chill, framing an intense coating on the substrate. The high temperatures worried in plasma coating grant the utilization of pottery and various materials that have a high edge of freezing over.

High-speed oxy-fuel (HVOF) Spray coating

High-Velocity Oxygen Fuel ( HVOF gun ) coating, a metalizing technique used to improve or re-establish a part’s surface properties or aspects, in this way broadening instrumentation life by extensively expanding disintegration and wear opposition and consumption insurance.

Liquid or semi-liquid materials region unit splashed onto the surface by the heat(high temp.), the rapid gas stream, fabricating a thick shower coating which might be ground to a terribly high surface end.

The usage of the HVOF coating method allows the machine of coating materials like metals, amalgams, and pottery to supply a coating of exceptional hardness, remarkable grip to the substrate material, and giving solid wear obstruction and consumption security.

Metalizing Gun Price

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