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Glass Sand Blasting Machine

glass sand blasting machine

glass sand blasting machine

Glass sand blasting machines are essential tools in the industrial sector, widely used for various applications such as surface preparation, cleaning, and finishing of glass surfaces. These machines employ high-pressure streams of abrasive materials to etch, clean, or smooth glass surfaces, providing a range of finishes from matte to highly polished.

How Glass Sand Blasting Machines Work

The Glass Sandblasting Machine and Glass Etching Machine are designed specifically for etching or decorating glass, as well as other flat shape materials including marbles, ceramics, and stainless steel plates. The manual vertical type glass sand blasting machine is simple to use and maintain, making it a cost-effective alternative for small-scale production.

Glass Sand Blasting equipment produces outstanding etching results and is far more environmentally benign than traditional chemical processes. Glass Abrasive Blasting machine is also known Glass Etching Machine. Sand blasting machine process is also used for glass etching and engraving purpose. The suction blasting process applies in the glass etching machine. A glass sandblasting machine is a type of blasting machine is used for glass material etching and engraving purposes.

Compressed air is used for the glass sand blasting Machine, and the Sand blasting Nozzle suctions the abrasives to the nozzle, which then blasts the glass surface. Although not as powerful as a pressure blaster, siphon-type blasting equipment is the first choice for general surface treatment.

The machine consists of several key components:

Glass Etching Machine

Glass Etching Machine is a siphon blast system, sometimes called a suction blast system, that uses compressed air to create a vacuum inside blast cannon barrels. Through grating verification pipes, negative tension travels roughly into the sand-blasting nozzle. Through blast spouts that influence glass, packed air coordinates the abrasives. During the launch, abrasives blend in with the pack air, which is used entirely. The amount of air in the pack and the rough total are both changeable. A sufficient blending fraction limits the use of abrasives and air.

Inside the blast room, a few blasting nozzles, also known as shower nozzles, are firing all over the place as glass is transported from bay transport to the section. Blast nozzles have been steadily improving, ensuring reliable glass surface blasting. The rate of movement might be regulated all over. To achieve perfect glass surface completions, the position of each blast Nozzle and the point of each blast spout can be customized.

Other Types of Glass Sand Blasting Machines:

Glass Sand Blasting Machine Specification

ModelsSTI -1500STI – 2000STI – 2500
Max. Glass Height1500 mm2000 mm2500 mm
Max. Glass Width3000 mm3000 mm4000 mm
Glass Thickness5 – 50 mm5 – 50 mm5 – 50 mm
PrincipleAir blast process with blast nozzles by compress air
Virgin Abrasives Re-FillingManually loaded in Sand blasting cabinet
Dust SeparationBags Filtration Dust Collector
Re-Usable Abrasive CollectionAutomatically collected in container
Guns OperationAutomatic / Manual
Nr. of Automatic Gun3
Nr. of Manual Gun1
Recommended Abrasive Grit#36 – #120
Voltage380V / 3 Phase / 50Hz (others on request)
Compress Air0.4 – 0.8 MPa0.4 – 0.8 MPa04 – 0.8 MPa
Power3.5 KW3.5 KW3.5 KW
Weight1000 kg1300 kg1600 kg
Outer Dimensions (L x H x W) (mm)4800 x 2300 x 15007400 x 2780 x 15007400 x 3300 x 1500

Glass Sand Blasting Machine Application

The Glass Etching Machine comprises of a few parts.

A glass etching Machine setup consists of three major components: An air compressor (on the right), Glass Sand Blasting Machine (in the center), and a Sand blasting cabinet with a dust collector (at the left). The air compressor generates the pressurized air that powers the sandblaster, and it must produce enough air for the blaster you’ll be using.

The blaster holds the abrasive and allows the abrasive media to be mixed with compressed air and directed effectively at the glass. The sand blasting cabinet provides an enclosed area in which to blast, providing a full vision of the product being engraved while controlling spent abrasive media and blasting dust.

Glass Etching Machine Price

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Glass Sand Blasting Machine for sale

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