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Diabola Shot Blasting Machine

Diabola shot blasting machine

A Diabola shot blasting machine is used for cleaning Rods / Bars. A single Blast Wheel Station is mounted atop the shot Blast Cabinet in a Diabola shot blasting machine. The diabola conveyor shot blasting machine system may rotate as well as move the Rods / Bars forward. The rods are fed through a diabola, which transports them to the shot blasting room, where they are shot blasted, and cleaned.

The blast / cleaned Rods exit the blast cabinet through the output side. A single rod process system is running constantly on the machine. It is possible to obtain a production rate of up to 4 to 5 per meter per minute. The machine can also be configured to feed two rods at once, doubling the output. The Diabola shot blasting machine has a shot recovery and cleaning system as well as a dust collector. The control panel is in charge of the machine’s whole operation.

We build customized equipment with a diabola shot blasting machine of material management system for shot blasting Round Tubes/Pipes/Bars. This system consists of a sequence of diabola linked together by a chain sprocket configuration. The power is transferred from one diabola to another using a chain and sprocket mechanism.

When a project is placed on this diabola type conveyor, it rotates ahead, ensuring that it receives complete shot blasting on each and every section. Diabola shot blasting machine is also known as diabola type conveyor shot blasting machine.
After passing through the perforated floor plates, the spent abrasive Media from the blasting operation will be gathered in the shot blasting cabinet bottom storage hopper.

The abrasive media is then transferred to a buck elevator, which raises it vertically and discharges it into a media separation unit, where dust and fine abrasives are removed, ensuring that only clean abrasive media is re-circulated to the blast wheel units for effective and improved cleaning. The machine comes with a dust collector mechanism that will continuously remove dust and tiny particles, keeping the inside of the machine and the surrounding environment dust and pollution-free.

Diabola Shot Blasting Machine Specification

Blast Wheel1
Wheel Size19.5x 2.5
Shot Flow Rate (Ton/Wheel/Hour)8
Power of Blast Wheel12 Hp
Dust Collector Capacity 1000 CFM

Diabola Shot Blasting Machine Working

As material handling systems, the Diabola shot blasting machine consists of inlet and outlet side diabola conveyors. The blasted components are placed on the conveyor’s intake side, from which it rotates forward and into the inlet tunnel. Components enter the blast zone, which is made up of Blast Wheel, after entering via the inlet tunnel. These Blast wheel units are set around the Blast cabinet in a strategic location.

The blast wheel is arranged in such a way that it ensures optimal blast cleaning and abrasive energy usage. The abrasive media is fired at a high velocity by blast wheels onto the forward and rotationally moving components, thoroughly cleaning them. The blasted material advances into the exit tunnel.

As a job conveying system, a diabola conveyor arrangement is installed at the machine’s inlet and outflow. These conveyors are powered by a VFD-controlled gearbox. The customer can change/synchronize the speed of the conveying system in relation to the needed blast cleaning operation using VFD control. The power is transferred from one diabola to another using a chain and sprocket mechanism. The offered diabola are mounted on self-aligning bearings. Diabola is given in the direct blast zone.

Application of Diabola shot blasting machine

Diabolo type shot blasting machines and Diabolo conveyor shot blasting machine are designed for descaling, derusting of a metal cylinder, metal tube, pipe, round bar, and all kinds of spherical work-portions. Make it display steel coloration, increase its ratio surface place, enhance the anti-fatigue force and anti-rust capability of the floor, enhance the inherent exceptional of surface and prolong the lifetime.

Diabolo Shot Blasting Machine Manufacturer

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