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Boron Carbide Nozzle

Boron carbide nozzle

Boron carbide nozzle

What is a Boron Carbide Nozzle?

Boron carbide is the most difficult essence behind diamonds & cubic boron nitride. Boron carbide nozzle guarantee little wear due to their more elevated hardness, even when boron carbide nozzle utilizes the harshest blasting materials comparable corundum or silicon carbide.

Boron carbide nozzles produce most advanced wear life of any conventional nozzle material. Peak nozzle output arrangement is carried for extended periods of time, with most efficient service of air & abrasive. Boron carbide nozzles usually outlive tungsten carbide nozzles by 5-7 times & silicon carbide nozzles by 2-3 times. Boron carbide nozzles are appropriate for usage with abrasive materials Equivalent to aluminum oxide & assertive mineral aggregates.

Boron Carbide Sandblasting Nozzle

Boron Carbide Blasting Nozzles are scheduled for extremely comprehensive assistance life underneath rigorous industrial settings attributable to heightened hardness of boron carbide material. boron carbide sandblasting nozzle perform well actually as encountering excessively difficult abrasives comparable to corundum & silicon carbide. When corresponding expenses per blasting time, boron carbide blasting nozzles at all a less expensive option than silicon carbide & hardened metal nozzles.

We deliver a broad spectrum of basic nozzles for ordinary industrial processes, as well as bespoke alternatives for positively technological applications like automatic sand blasting machines. We present a one-stop supplier knowledge from natural material to finished item, which include traditional nozzle creation for your specific needs.

Boron carbide sandblasting nozzle is the third most unbendable substance, behind diamond & cubic boron nitride. Sand blasting nozzles sintered from boron carbide provide outstanding operating properties & the best “price to usefulness life” ratio. Boron carbide is an excellent choice when aggressive media, such as aluminum oxide or certain minerals, are utilized when blasting is extensive. When blasting including hostile media, Boron Carbide nozzles outlive tungsten carbide nozzles 5-10 times, silicon carbide nozzles 2-3 times, & Iron/Cast Iron nozzles 100 times.

Sand blasting (abrasive blasting machine, as a surface treatment method) is often applied in the field of Mechanical Engineering, Ship Building Engineering, Chemical Industry, etc. Sand blasting is widely utilized for surface strengthening, surface modification, surface clearing, & rust removal, surface smoothing or surface roughening, corrosion removal. The blasting could be considered as a technique of abrasive machining; this method is based on the effects generated at the contact of the abrasive particles transported by means of the compressed air jet with workpiece surface. Sand blasting nozzle is numerous critical component & worn by repeated impact of the abrasive particle.

Literature judgment maintained out in detail on subject indicated that, BC nozzles (boron carbide nozzle) are constructed by post-hot pressing (HP) & superheated isostatic pressing (HIP) techniques. These strategies are not economical & not appropriate for mass production. The production of BC nozzles will become fast and economic by PIM method. As a result, in production of BC based sand blasting nozzle, aim is to improve wear resistance & reduce cost. For enhance of wear resistance & decrease the cost of production B4C nozzle, additive materials (SiC, C, TiC, Cu, CrB2, etc.) were used.

Boron carbide blast nozzle were made using the Lower Pressure Powder Injection Molding (LPPIM) technology, & nozzles’ wear demeanor were investigated. In the practical design, the obtainment powder, reserve ratio, & sintering temperature were employed as information parameters, with density, micro hardness, & wear rate functioning as outcome parameters. This study be composed of three steps:

According to findings of this analysis, ANN approach may be utilized to model function parameters in powder injection molding since the intermediate forecast mistake is< 7%, & boron carbide-based consequences could be made utilizing LPPIM method.

Types of Boron Carbide Blast Nozzle

Standard Nozzles
Boron carbide traditional nozzle catalog covers an expansive range of standard application fields, delivering a practical explanation to improve trustworthiness, method stability & implementation. We suggest an assortment of nozzle kinds, inclusive of side-firing, bow-nozzle & blast heads.

Venturi Nozzles
Venturi nozzles suggest optimal reduction rates attributable to an assortment of elevated bits speeding up rates & more down air consumption. Contrasted traditional straightforward sand blasting machine units, venturi nozzles are best alternative for extensive exterior area rehearsal in painting & coating processes for building & building industries.

Fine Nozzles
Boron carbide dental & adequate jet nozzles are affected utilizing an injection molding process. They are utilized for an assortment of procedures, including splashing of machine elements, glass matting & granite engraving machine operation etc.

The blast nozzle design has been optimized for excellent blasting arrangement & boron carbide liner protection thanks to a multi-layer structure of stabilizing aluminum & allergen-free, dampening silicone. Our BMS/BXS sequence including the silicone jacket stands out for its lightweight design & good conflict resistance. Boron carbide is one of the world’s most inflexible materials & so perfect for service in blasting nozzles. A boron carbide nozzle is optimum option, particularly in standing applications & when utilizing abrasive blasting material like corundum (aluminum oxide). A durable boron carbide liner allows for a more extended nozzle lifetime than additional liner materials, making it exceptionally cost effective, particularly in experienced blasting procedures & continuous usage.

Boron Carbide Nozzle Price

We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of boron carbide blast nozzle in India. Boron carbide nozzle price depends on size and types of boron carbide nozzle. Our boron carbide nozzle price is low compared to others. Our boron carbide blasting nozzles including silicone jacket are obtainable in nozzle diameters ranging from 6-10mm & employ Venturi significance to maximize blast media exit quickness. This improves blasting performance &, as a result, increases maximum area output. We also offer all type of shot blasting machine, shot peening machines, cabinet type blasting machines, abrasive blasting machines, dustless blasting machines, etc.

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