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Vacuum Shot Blasting Machine

Vacuum Blasting Machine

The vacuum shot blasting machine is harmless to the ecosystem or environmentally mechanical strategy utilized for surface preparation prior to coating. It is a powerful machine, simple to utilize, and flexible. The vacuum shot blasting machine is appropriate for some applications and works physically. They don’t deliver flying residue and abrasive media which sully the workplace. Vacuum Sand Blasting Machine can be utilized on fragile blasting positions where low-pressure blasting is required.

Vacuum shot blasting machine is an abrasive blasting strategy, likewise alluded to as dustless blasting or closed-loop abrasive blasting. The strategy is described by a blast device that does abrasive blasting and gathers both utilized blast media, and released particles from the surface to be dealt with, simultaneously. The blasted device is furnished with a blast hose and a suction hose, that both run from the blast instrument to a control unit.

The control unit supplies the blasting device with pressurized air blended in with abrasive blast media, draws back dust, relaxed particles, and utilizes blast media. The control unit ceaselessly separates dust and relaxed particles from the pre-owned blast media and sends utilized blast media back into the pressurized airflow. The dust and slackened particles are collected in a dust collector.

Specifications of Vacuum Shot Blasting Machine

Power Consumption10 Hp AND 25 Hp
Production Capacity3-5 Sq. Mtrs/Hrs
Country of OriginMade in India
The Capacity of Grit/Shots Handling25 to 80 Mesh Sizes
Blast Nozzle Diameter6 mm
Type of Nozzle  Tungsten Carbide Nozzle
Minimum Order Quantity1

Working of Vacuum Shot Blasting Machine

In the vacuum blasting machine, the blasters depend on pressure vessels with compressed air channels or filters and furthermore pressure controllers which give the necessary speed for blasting activity while keeping a dust-free environment. The abrasives which are utilized in this activity are naturally recuperated for re-use. Principally steel abrasives are utilized as they give savvy, efficient, and powerful blasting likewise help in giving close control on planning surfaces.

We can say as such a vacuum shot blasting machine is an abrasive blasting strategy, additionally alluded to as dustless blasting or closed-loop abrasive blasting. The process is portrayed by doing a blasting instrument that does abrasive blasting media and gathers both utilized abrasive blasting media and slackened particles from the surface to be treated together.

Vacuum shot blasting machines supply tradable impact head fitting which permits an assortment of utilizations.

Dustless Shot Blasting Machine

Dustless shot blasting machines / Vacuum shot blasting machines Machines are suitable for a variety of applications such as surface preparation prior to coating and painting, and they only require one person to operate, making them simple to use. There are a variety of blasters that use pressure vessels in conjunction with compressed air filters and pressure regulators to give enough velocity for blasting in a dust-free environment. Abrasive media can be retrieved and reused right away. There is no dust or abrasive material in the air to harm the environment.

Because the procedure is safe and dust-free, other production processes can be carried out near the blasting operation at the same time.

Working with a blasting pressure as low as 1 bar and as high as 7 bar with the same equipment is possible thanks to a special valve on the pressure vessel. Vacuum shot blasting can be utilized for sensitive blasting applications when low-pressure blasting is required. The vacuum blasting machine comes with a lightweight blaster head, blaster, and vacuum hose/pipe arrangement, as well as a set of brushes to treat flat surfaces, as it is designed to be moved from one location to another for ease of use. Brushes are made with very unique fibers that deliver the finest performance and value.

Features of Vacuum Shot Blasting Machine

Benefits of Vacuum Shot Blasting Machine

Vacuum Shot Blasting Machine Price in India

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