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A paint stripping machine, sometimes known as plastic blasting, is a popular method for removing paint from aeronautical parts before inspection or re-painting. Soft blast is a plastic media with sharp edges and low mass that comes in a variety of sizes and is permitted by practically all airplane manufacturers for paint peeling.

Plastic abrasive is suitable for removing numerous coats of paint with minimal damage to the base surface. Paint stripping is often done by hand, however, it can also be done using mechanized or robotic systems. It must always be used in confined locations with good ventilation and filtration systems, as well as in situations where deposits extracted from soft abrasives must be removed effectively.

Metal Paint Stripping is used to remove paint and other organic coatings from steel, aluminum, and other alloys. The method is used to keep paint fixtures in good working order, rehabilitate old parts, and clean items that have been wrongly painted or coated. Commercial paint can be removed using a variety of procedures, including thermal stripping, media blasting, and chemical stripping. We employ furnaces, chemicals, and media blasting to satisfy your paint peeling needs. We have a huge production capacity and can accommodate orders of all sizes and quantities. The amount of time it takes to remove paint depends on the scope of the project.

We offer responses for customers to take paint from workpieces without fabricated materials. With Sand Blasting Machine and sensible channel structures, media is restored and dust is removed. As indicated by our creative new development, we have arranged a significantly more shrewd and eco-obliging plan, performed through a very high-pressure water stream for stripping paint from workpieces.

A striping machine is a piece of machinery that is used to paint lines on sidewalks and roads. Stripping equipment ranges from small handheld machines for modest parking lot work to large striping trucks for highways and airport runways. The ability to set the consistency of the lines on the machine makes these machines more successful than manually painting lines. As a result, the pavement has flawless, parallel lines. Striping should be done as soon as the concrete has been put and set for the greatest results.

Paint Stripping Method for Removing Paint Coatings

Thermal metal paint stripping- Thermal metal paint stripping is a popular paint stripping technique that uses computer-controlled furnaces to attain temperatures of up to 850 degrees Fahrenheit. It is less expensive than other methods of paint removal and works on both powder and liquid coatings. Thermal paint stripping offers the advantage of not changing the surface roughness and preventing chemical entrapment that could subsequently leach out.

All chemical paint stripping is done in a fully enclosed “wet” environment, allowing us to operate with a variety of equipment and parts.

Media blasting- Steel grit, glass beads, soda, and other abrasive blasting media are used to remove coatings during media blasting. Paint stripping with blasting media might modify the texture of the surface due to the abrasiveness of the materials employed, so it may not be acceptable in all circumstances. The type of metal or alloy your part is made of determines which procedure is appropriate for paint removal. Because each metal has a varied heat tolerance, thermal paint removal is not suited for all materials. The material being used, as well as the type and thickness of the paint or coating being removed, have a big impact on the sort of abrasive media used in media blasting.

Plastic Media in Paint Striping Machine

Plastic media is incredible for the tricky departure of different layers of paint, with the base surface left untargeted. The Paint stripping process is generally applied genuinely, but can moreover be performed with customized or mechanical applications. It for the most part should be applied in shut alcoves, equipped with strong ventilation/filtering structures, and in conditions when disposed of suitably set aside stores isolated from sensitive abrasives.

Plastic is incredibly fragile, making it an ideal system for wiping out paint from the external layer of fiberglass parts. Fiberglass parts are consistently used in the gathering of auto, flight, and marine things, without drawing or stripping. Using plastic for affecting similarly achieves very low levels of buildup.

In measuring the benefits of various stripping methodologies, certain factors ought to be considered: size, substrate hardness, compound hindrance, heat flexibility, paint or covering the creation, and needed substrate surface (smooth or undesirable)

Paint Stripping or Plastic Blasting is a fast, amazing, non-grinding, and innocuous to the biological system strategy for killing a wide scope of coatings and paints without hurting the fundamental metal surface.

Paint Stripping, on occasion called Plastic Blasting, is by and large used for taking out paint from aeronautical parts before audit or re-painting. For Paint Stripping, we use Soft effect – Plastic media with sharp edges and low mass, passed on in many sizes, which are supported by basically all plane associations.

Advantages of Paint Stripping Machine

Paint Stripping Machine Manufacturer in India

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