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Garnet Abrasive Sand

Garnet Abrasive Sand

Garnet abrasive sand could also be a present salt mineral deposit. The garnet is used as a gemstone in past or ancient times. Abrasive transparent gem sand is recycled and used as a cheap difference to alumina Girt, Chilled Iron, or Steel Grit. The garnet creates less dust as compared to different abrasives so we mostly use garnet sand.

Garnet abrasive sand was firstly used by industrial areas; transparent gem may be a comparatively arduous mineral with a hardness that ranges between 6.5 and 7.5 on the scale. that permits it to be used as an efficient abrasive in many sorts of producing. Once crushed,

It breaks into angular items that give sharp edges for cutting part and sand blasting tiny granules of uniform size square measure guaranteed to paper to provide a cerise color sandpaper that’s widely employed in trade retailers. The transparent gem is additionally crushed, screened to specific sizes, and oversubscribed as abrasive granules and powders.

Specifications of Garnet Sand

G-10/202000-850 MICRON12-24 MESH
G-20/40850-425 MICRON20-40 MESH
G-30/60600-250 MICRON30-60 MESH
G-40/60425-250 MICRON40-60 MESH
G-60/90250-160 MICRON60-90 MESH
G-90/120160-125 MICRON90-120 MESH
G-120/180125-80 MICRON120-180 MESH
G-180/24080-63 MICRON180-240 MESH
G-24850-710 MICRON20-25 MESH
G-30710-600 MICRON25-30 MESH
G-36600-500 MICRON30-35 MESH
G-40500-425 MICRON35-40 MESH
G-46425-355 MICRON40-45 MESH
G-54355-300 MICRON45-50 MESH
G-60300-250 MICRON60-70 MESH
G-70250-212 MICRON60-70 MESH
G-80212-180 MICRON70-80 MESH

Uses of Garnet Sand

Garnet sand is used in a variety of industries, including the chemical, construction, and mineral industries. It is often used in the jewelry industry as a semi-precious stone. It is utilized in the construction of anti-skid surfaces to provide friction. Garnet Sand is a high-quality abrasive. This is why Abrasive Garnet is commonly used to replace Silica sand during sandblasting in a sand blasting machine. Garnet Sand is better for blasting treatments since it has granular particles. Abrasive Garnet is also used to cut steel in water jets because it is a good abrasive when combined with high-pressure water. Garnet paper is made from the same Garnet Sand that carpenters use to polish wood furniture.

Garnet sand is used as a filtering media in water filters. It helps heavy particles settle down by removing suspended contaminants from the water.

Abrasive Garnet is one of the most common uses of Garnet. There are two types of blasting grade: blasting grade and abrasive grade. Garnet particles are greater than 250 micrometers in size and are widely utilized in blasting treatments. Garnet particles range in size from 75 micrometers to 250 micrometers in the Abrasive grade. As previously stated, it is commonly used in water jet cutting. Overall, Garnet Sand with larger particles is used to produce fast and sharp results, whilst Garnet Sand with smaller particles is utilized to produce finer finishing.

Application of Garnet Abrasive Sand

Garnet Abrasive is used in Sand Blasting Almandine Garnet grains are the most adaptable natural blasting and cutting mediums offered in international marketing today. Its intrinsic or natural blasting physical and chemical regularly ensures the superior performance of the abrasive garnet blasting. Abrasive garnet is regularly replacing other blasting media because it is environmentally friendly and reused.

Garnet for Water Jet Cutting In the Water jet cutting the Grade, 80/120 is perfectly suitable for the Water jet cutting Media for industrial purposes. Regularly in grain size & shape give excellent performance for the users. It is perfectly suitable for the uses of Carbon Steel, Road Painting, Marble Ceramics, and Stainless Steel.

Garnet for Water Filtration– Garnet is possibly the most cost-effective alternative or every other for water filtration beds as it resets the filter bed more rapidly after the bed is back-flushed. In addition, it is also effective for the elimination or rejection of heavy minerals. Furthermore, it has the welfare of being chemically stationary, recycling resulting in longer manufacture to Water treatment medium.

Garnet for Abrasive Paper– Abrasive grains are highly useful for coated abrasion which in turn are used for coating metal, wood & other coated purposes. Abrasive Paper created out of abrasive grains is especially used for the surface preparation application for painting and removing of the corrosion particles, which provides new life to surface preparation.

Features of Garnet Abrasive Sand

Garnet Abrasive Sand Price in India

Garnet abrasive sand price in India depends on its various standards such as shape, size, and specific gravity criteria. 

Garnet abrasive sand has a very vast classification referring to a crystalline configuration rather than a chemical composition. Garnet abrasive sand also provides some variation in its composition. A mixture of Garnet abrasive sand may be pink in color, sometimes Garnet abrasive sand can also be red-brown or grayish brown. Garnet abrasive sand has a density that may vary between 135- 150 lbs/ft.

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