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Dustless Blasting Machine

dustless blasting machine

Dustless Blasting Machine is a type of wet abrasive blasting Machine that effectively removes paint, corrosion, and coatings off metal, brick, and wood surfaces. Dustless Blasting Equipment combines the ease of use of a regular ultra-high pressure water jet wet blasting machine with the power and efficiency of classic dry blasting methods without the risks and complexities.

A dustless blasting machine is a surface preparation technology that uses less dust removal. It can clean every sort of surface without affecting the environment, including wood, metal, brick, and so on. The applications for dustless blasting equipment are endless. It is a critical procedure since coating cannot be applied to the surface unless these operations are completed.

Dustless blasting is a process in which silica abrasives are combined with water under pressure by compressed air (typically via the venturi effect). The silica abrasive and water mixture is then compressed further and “blasted” into the cleaning surface through the application nozzle. dustless blasting machine is also known as vacuum blasting machine.

Dustless Blasting Machine working

For blasting operations that do not require the removal of dust, a dustless blast Machine is used. A vacuum brush is attached to the end of the Sand blasting nozzle in this approach, and the brush is connected to a Y connector with two apertures. One aperture is for abrasive media flow, while the other is attached to the suction pipe, which will collect all of the dust and remove it off the blasting surface, allowing blasting to proceed without any dust or unclean fumes.

Types of dustless blasting machines:

Wet dustless blasting machine

Wet blasting is a method of surface preparation that involves the use of water and abrasives. Old paint, dust, stains, and other surface contaminants can all be removed with these devices. With time, the majority of the surface becomes stained and rusted, necessitating surface repair, which is impossible to do manually, thus a wet blasting machine is employed to solve the problem. Wet blasting is an environmentally benign technology with a high capacity for dust removal.

Wet Blasting Machine uses a slurry pump to draw the wet slurry of very fine abrasive and water to the blast gun where it is combined with the compressed air and propelled against the work piece. Wet blasting involves high-velocity, compressed air pushes slurry directed onto a workpiece. The slurry pump is normally made of fine abrasive mixed with water.

Dry dustless Blasting machine

The blasting process is carried out without the use of water in this manner. They are usually separated into two parts, such as:

Pressure dustless blasting machine

A pressure tank is attached to the blasting hose in pressure dustless blaster equipment, providing high pressure to the machine for blasting. The equipment is under high pressure, and the blasting is done with little dust removal.

Suction dustless blasting machine

A Y gun is linked to the blasting hose in a suction dustless blasting machine, and then blasting takes place. The Y gun has two sides, one for air and the other for abrasive, which are combined together and blasted with great pressure and accuracy.

Application of Dustless Blasting Machine:

Dustless Blasting Machine price

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